Valentine’s Day Cake – A Delicious Heart Cake Baking

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Valentine's Day cakes of cupcakes ideas

Cake for Valentine’s day? These ingredients should be there!

An aphrodisiac is a very good resource that comes to us from nature. Many common products that you know from everyday life, have such an effect.

If you want to make a cake for Valentine’s day this year, then you could insert just them as ingredients. So you could be sure that the Festival is quite romantic. Even it is pretty sure that you will remember long time.

Chocolate for your Valentine’s Day cake

Valentine's day recipes chocolate love

Have you noticed that many cake for Valentine’s day chocolate have been created? Dopamine cuts off while eating this in the brain. So you have the feeling of tightening and the euphoria.

Asparagus in your menu on Valentine’s day?

Valentine's day recipes in love couple cake two-storey

The cake is a great dessert that has far too many calories.  Treat to something healthier to Valentine’s day previously. What’s a soup and a main dish with asparagus. It is not just the season. But their effect as an aphrodisiac is clearly a good excuse to start, don’t you?

Sparkling wine to the cake for valentines day

Valentine's day recipes coconut Strawberry

Eating the cake for Valentine’s day requires also the appropriate drink. Opt for sparkling wine or champagne. This selection is not so hard, can not at once drunk one. At the same time he acts but as an aphrodisiac.

Date fruit

Valentine's day recipes Berry red

You can be brought in one or another form in the cake for Valentine’s day to use. They can serve as a decoration. They serve hardly as an other decorative items as an aphrodisiac. They fit but less to chocolate, but to the vanilla.

The eggs are also an aphrodisiac. They come but anyway in the cake.

Plum to your Valentine’s Day – cake

plum cake cake Valentine's day

The plums are also an aphrodisiac, which would blend beautifully with your cake for Christmas. As well as at the date fruit, it is super with the wine and as decoration to the cake.

Mustard to the main course

main course Valentine's day recipes of delicious healthy

Let us pay back a bit more attention the main dining. You could make something with meat, which is light on the stomach. To do this, you could take mustard. The last ingredient should be missed definitely not in your menu for Valentine’s day.

If you want to have the main course somewhat more noble, then prepare something with truffles. The latter also represent an aphrodisiac.


Valentine's Day cakes Etagere glass stand

The bananas could serve not only as a decoration. You could make out one of the essential ingredients that are used in a cake. Their effect as an aphrodisiac is already known. They taste super good.

Vanilla and nuts for your Valentine’s Day cake

Valentine's day recipes Etagere stand

We said right at the beginning, that chocolate cake is one of the most popular sweets for Valentine’s day. But the other alternative is vanilla and nuts. Both ingredients are properties with aphrodisiac -.

For which aphrodisiac would you prefer rather this year? Valentine's day pink cake recipes

Pink heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s day

Valentine's Day cakes of tasty recipes

The same cake with strawberries  

Valentine's day recipes plate heart

Delicious muffin with extra chocolate Valentine's Day cakes of cupcakes heart chocolate muffin Blue glaze with strong hearts and beads

Valentine's Day cake glaze Blau Herzen

Hugs and kisses

Valentine's day recipes love holiday

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