Valentine’s Day Ideas, A Romantic Atmosphere Creation – 7 Valentine’s Day Movies

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Inspiring ideas for Valentine’s day

On Valentine’s day, we need love and fascination. We need to feel that we are celebrating something special and that the day is very special. We need the conviction that the day different and that our feelings of the beloved people are divided. We all can find the inspiration for that in our minds. If we have many different concerns, which can be sometimes quite difficult. For this reason, we need some creative ideas for Valentine’s day again and again.

Romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine's Day ideas small romantic gestures

The following article has exactly what you. The inspiration for Valentine’s day are quite different. They come in the form of movies, music and words. They are quite different depending on the level and style. With other words: No matter what preferences you have, might be something for everyone here.

It is this inspiration ideas of less to the Valentine’s day itself. We speak not of the dinner or gifts. We’re on the mood on this beautiful occasion.

So make an original Declaration of love

Valentine's Day ideas the most beautiful declarations of love

Love and music

Do you know the soundtrack from Romeo and Juliet? This music creates a romantic atmosphere, which is comparable with nothing.

“Romeo and Juliet”

Claire Danes and Leonardo di Caprio in the main roles

romantic Valentinsta ideas Romeo and Juliet Valentine's day movie

Another great suggestion is the soundtrack to the movie wild at heart – the story of sailor and Lula. Chris Isaak enchants with his voice.

“The story of sailor and Lula”

sailor et Lula romantic Valentine's Day ideas Valentine's day movie

Chris Isaak and his eternal song “Wicked Game”

Lenny Kravitz

Valentine’s day is perhaps the perfect occasion to get something from Lenny Kravitz. Matching his charisma and sex appeal are unique for this day.

“I belong to you”

Cool love in words

We continue with some literature works. You can tune a wonderfully our opinion on Valentine’s day.

Write a love letter

Valentine's Day ideas beautiful Declaration of love E-mail writing

Clair de femme – Romain Gary

Clair de Femme is the first of our proposals. Here it comes, that the more we open to love, the firmer we will have them in our lives. As you give, the more they stay for you. That is the message from the movie Chair de Femme.

Writer Romain Gary

romantic works of art Valentine's Day ideas Romain Gary

Actress Romy Schneider in the film Chair de Femme “/” the love of a woman

romantic Valentine's Day ideas Romy Schneider film Valentine's Day

Wuthering Heights (german: Wuthering Heights)-Emily Jane Brontë

It’s even to the fatal love, the love-hate relationship. It is like something from the soul and you can not beat it, to get rid of her. The fatal love is more important than life and death. Such love is hard, but somehow she want to see everyone. This can be done in any form so en book before Valentine’s day.

You should read the book by Emily Brontë at least once in life

Valentine's Day ideas's Wuthering Heights of book of Emily Brontë

You can also see on the film “Wuthering Heights” in 2009

Valentine's Day ideas Wuthering Heights Valentine's day movie

Love on the screen

Or maybe you can see some great movies for Valentine’s day is with your favorite people. You really are something more romantic is true the women than the men’s, on the feast. You could watch them alone. Alternatively you can make a movie night. Don’t forget to return the gesture her beloved husband with a film or sports night to his liking.

Valentine’s day make a romantic movie night

Valentine's Day ideas romantic Valentine's day movies

Stardust (Stardust)

Our proposal is Stardust. It’s a mixture of fantasy and comedy. Love is here considered to a large extent with humor. This must be even. Even more often, we would say.


ideas for Valentine's day movie Stardust

Corpse Bride – wedding with a corpse

This is a wonderful animation, which will guide you through time and space. There are many dramatic, but also very funny moments.

“Wedding with a corpse”

romantic Valentine's Day ideas corpse bride Valentine's day movie

The little Death

We recommend this film pairs that are already somewhat longer together. It’s the routine and to the approach, how you bring back the magic in the marriage. It’s also a comedy and wonderful at the same time in anticipation of Valentine’s day.

“The little Death”

ideas for Valentine's day movie the little death