Valentine’s Day Meaning: How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day Worldwide?

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Valentine’s day importance and the way, the man him in different countries celebrates

Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world. This also applies to countries that have nothing to do with Christianity. The St. Valentine has something about him, what WINS everyone for themselves, no matter from what culture they come.

Worldwide we celebrate Valentine’s day on February 14th

Valentine's day meaning gifts traditions around the world

You find it exciting to know how to celebrate Valentine’s day in various countries around the world? If Yes, then stay tuned! Maybe you will change this feast to your setting. Because many people lose interest in it by the commercialization of the Festival.


When we speak of commercialization… We begin with the country where this process has actually started. The fashion comes from here, that all possible products on Valentine’s day in the form of a heart appear.

For Valentine’s day in the form of a heart, there are many gift ideas

Valentine's Day ideas gifts heart the United States

It gives away chocolate traditionally this festival

Valentine's Day ideas chocolate gift around the world celebrate


The Italians are romantics throughout the year. On Valentine’s day, they have no special traditions. You give away most of the time great culinary gifts.

With a cake show his love favorite people

Valentine's Day ideas gifts candy Italy worldwide


The French are no less romantic. You have a very interesting tradition of this festival. The unbound hang pictures on the doors of people who love them. Then, they expect an answer to this strange Declaration of love.

If the answer is negative, these images must be burnt until sunset

Valentine's day meaning traditions England


Hardly an Englishman would miss the occasion to send a message of love. According to some customs, throw the unmarried women note their Geliebten.Der first note which appears above the water with the name, shows the next person who will soon marry.

You know the traditions of different countries to Valentine’s day?

Valentine's day meaning heart traditions


In Wales, the keys are the main symbolism of the feast. This one tries to open the heart. A whole festival is organized for the Valentine’s day under the sign of this symbol. It pulls paper with names and forms different pairs.

The key is a typical symbol for Valentine’s day

Valentine's Day ideas key symbols worldwide Wales

Spain and Denmark

The Spaniards are absolutely obliged to send red roses to their lovers. In Denmark, the Roses must be white. You can be dried or be sent in the form of special cards to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day, it gives away rose in Spain and Denmark

Valentine's Day ideas meaning gifts roses give white red

White roses are a typical gift for Valentine’s day

Valentine's Day ideas white roses gift Denmark

In Denmark we are to his beloved usually red roses for Valentine’s day

Valentine's day meaning Red Roses gift-giving Spain

Gift ideas for Valentine’s day

Valentine's day importance rose giving Spain Denmark


In Austria, there is another tradition for Valentine’s day. This is the occasion to which one introduces his lover of kinship.

Imagine the beloved of family

Valentine's day meaning traditions beloved imagine Austria


They attended a special Church in Poland, where the St. Valentine was buried. Here is praying for love. It’s also interesting and beautiful, right?


On Valentine’s day, the Finns show their love not only to its partners, but also to the next friend. They get also gifts and cards.

The next friend shows his love in Finland

Valentine's Day ideas France note name of lover

We have not concluded at random with the Finns. Not their method is the most appropriate, if it comes to show love. She must be spread to all and in all directions. It is important that we not forget to take some of the Valentine’s day for the whole year.

Show your love for Valentine’s day not only your favorite people

Valentine's day importance his love of show