Where Does Valentine’s Day – The Story Of An Old Tradition

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Where does Valentine’s day come from?

For some people, everything has more magic if you know exactly the origin of the Customs and rituals. Also do you belong to? Do you like to know where does Valentine’s day?

We know the story. We tell them also super happy. We do this so romantic and beautiful as it gets.

The feast of love

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The Saint Valentine

Behind this festival is the story of a Catholic Saint. The origin dates back to the third century before Christ. But the interesting thing here. It is spoken by three different church related Valentine’s day. Two of them have lived in this century. So, it’s somewhat controversial in this regard where the Valentine’s day actually comes.

St. Valentin

where does Valentine's day Saint Valentine

Difficulties associated with answering the question “Where does Valentine’s day”

Also the difficulties connected with the answering of this question were just called. Because this name was very widespread in the middle ages. There were many men, called the Velen. It meant “strong”.

The power of love

where does Valentine's day church history

The Festival

Now we come to the main question, because it is so connected with the origin of the Festival… HM, we must reveal here a secret, that the strictly devout people may seem awkward. Yes, it can be even worse than the realization that Santa Claus does not exist. Did you know that came Christmas instead of a very popular pagan feast? As has been the case with Valentine’s day.

When is Valentine’s day?

where does Valentine's day calendar

Although the connection is not clearly established, but it is very likely that the Valentine’s day already set comes from this. It concerns the Roman Festival of Luperkalien. The other name is Februatio. In translation it means something like clean. Also the name of the month comes even from the same root. Of course, we mean February. It was the last month of the Roman calendar. Did you know that even fever has the same root? It is connected with the cleaning effect, which actually has any fever disease on the human body.

February 14

where does Valentine's day calendar February

Where are the morals associated with Valentine’s day

We have declared more or less now where does Valentine’s day as such. Now we want to confront us like still a bit with the old ways we perform again and again on this occasion.

“You make me complete!”

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It would interesting to know why this festival is connected with the romance and love at all. The whole thing started at the beginning of the late Middle Ages in France and Germany. The people have observed that in mid-February the birds have started to mate. It was thought that a suitable atmosphere for the distribution of letters and gifts will be given.

Create romantic atmosphere

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Legends that have to do with Valentine’s day

There are also legends associated with Valentine’s day. We want to mention two. During the reign of Claudius, the second was forbidden to marry the soldiers. It is said that Valentine’s day secretly weddings took place. The other is itself associated with a Saint Valentine. He was murdered. The night before he had written perhaps a love letter the daughter of his guardian.

Write a love letter

where does Valentine's day love letter history

So, if it is also not exactly clear where Valentine’s day is coming, we have a long tradition to do, which is associated with many positive emotions. It is worth to celebrate them. Do you agree?

Happy Valentine’s day!

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