You Should Not Only On Valentine’s Day To Show His Feelings!

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Love is…

Valentine’s day: the feast of love is already at the door! Around the globe, thousands of people are expressing their deepest feelings, providing them the loved ones close by arms, many tender kisses and whisper in his ear romantic declarations of love on February 14. You should celebrate love, but definitely not only on that single day throughout the year – love is emotion, affection, reliability! Love is life! Before the coming Festival of love about that, everyone should have to think what he exactly means by love and Geboergenheit… and take special consideration for the little things in life!

Parenthood – Valentine’s day is not considered the only celebration of love

Parenthood tree love

Although is deeply rooted in the traditions of many Nations as the celebration of love Valentine’s day and is associated with different traditions – buy flowers, gifts present., etc., you can and should prepare but throughout the year pleasant surprises his lover. In many countries it has even more opportunities to show his feelings and emotions in addition to Valentine’s day (not that you need a special occasion to do so)!

Argentina is celebrated in sweets in the summer, so-called “sweet week” – during this time is distributed on the streets of the city for nothing… well, actually against a kiss!
Is June 12 a day of love in Brazil and is in Portuguese “DIA dos Namorados” called. The feast of Saint Anthony – patron of families and lovers – is celebrated the next day. A huge interest of on the part of numerous researchers and anthropologists pleased themselves a certain rite of single women here, yet worldwide as “simpatias” known. Ladies should in a pot boil water with pieces of Apple, outside cool down afterwards, drink a SIP of it and turn off the rest under the icon of Saint Hedwig. The locals assume that the corresponding woman will find their right partner shortly afterwards.

Parenthood – plant a tree together, which will apply your growing love as a symbol!

Valentine's day tree ideas

The love Festival in China is called “Qixi”; It is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese calendar. In this festival people tell the sad story to each other by two lovers who secretly were allowed to meet only once a year! As the two lovers from two completely different worlds, proved to be the greatest barrier to their social affiliation for their being together and as a result contributed to the tragic end of this story.
In Estonia, the Valentine’s day is regarded more as a celebration of friendship and close ties. It looks the same in Finland – there we are to different things as a sign of his gratitude only his best friends. Even planting a tree as a symbol of burning and growing love of the couple among the unique Valentine’s Day ideas – the French have first introduced this tradition.
In Ghana, it celebrates the Festival of chocolate on February 14!
Parenthood – kids tell us what love is…

children love

Children give an honest answer to the question, what love is. Love between old friends, siblings, parents and children… Love is egentlich everywhere around us! The children remind us that the little things in life are not to be underestimated; In addition, you will totally enjoy every moment of togetherness and neglect the relationship under any circumstances! What ideas give us the loved ones against the children for our everyday behaviour? Valentine’s day would be a very good starting point to take into account the proposals of the little ones and then to implement them!

Love is everywhere around us!

love everywhere

“My grandmother is suffering from arthritis and can not bend forward, to paint her toe nails. So my grandfather does that for them, although he also suffers from arthritis. That is love!” -Rebecca, 8 years

“Love is when you tell a boy that you like his shirt, and he then the same T-Shirt always wears every day” – Noël, 7 years

“You have”I love you”say, if you don’t think.” But if you think it, you must say it often. People forget it!” -Jessica, at the age of 8 years

“My mother loves me the most. No other man comes at night, Kiss me!” -Clara, 7 years

“Love is when an old woman and a man are still friends, although they know each other pretty well.” -Tommy, 6 years

“Love is what makes you smile, even when you’re sad” – Sascha, 6 years old

Maybe the children don’t fully understand Valentine’s day, but for love, you have a better idea than most adults

Kids Valentine's day parenthood

Feelings show – make something unexpected for your loved ones!

Valentine's Day ideas love enjoy parenthood

Parenthood – love is just there! At any time, you can feel it!

Valentine's Day ideas old liebespaasr

Just show your love!

Valentine's Day ideas what love

Love is…

child and Grandma

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