Wall Color Ideas That Will Freshen Up Your Home For Spring!

Neutral wall color ideas that can replace the effect of grey

Gray was very popular in the last seasons. As an alternative, it was used by many neutrals and classic colors. Grey of black or white came often to the place. But slowly, it’s all right with the power of the grey color in the interior design. Grey is not so modern. We have some wall paint ideas, through which it can be replaced. These are modern 2017 and have the same effect!

Poised Toupe – Shervin Williams: very simple and stylish
wall paint ideas innovative

Wall color ideas – these trendy color ensures the fresh appearance of your home

wall colors modern style

Wall color ideas – poised Toupe fits perfectly to the modern pieces of furniture

Wall color tips trends

This is one of the most popular wall colors for 2017. poised Toupe is a creamy mushroom shade. It belongs to a new generation of earthy nuances, that wonderful work on contemporary premises.

Milkyway by j Marsh

milkeyway wall paint ideas

The selection of Benjamin Moore for 2017 reminiscent of butter cream. This is a creamy white on yellow base. Choose it for the walls or the ceiling. Combine with locations in classic white. Thus you can reach a full of character, but at the same time very relaxed room.

Wall color ideas – green trellis, Behr

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Welcome to through this gentle nuance of green say the spring

green trelis wall paint ideas tips

Green Trellis would be a suitable shade if you want a Sage wall color for 2017. She has something ancient and classic flair in itself a kind of “Old World”. To spread the feeling of heritage and class in the interior design.

Wall color ideas – chocolate Kiss, Dulux

dulux wall paint ideas

Dark chocolate is a rich alternative from the dark gray. This color gets always a completely different look, depending on whether it is carried out in gloss or Matt. Test different options before you choose something in your room.

Wall color ideas – peignoir

peignoir farrow ball

Wall color ideas – Rosa can be properly neutral.

peugnior wabdfarben ideas

Pink is not just for girls!

wabdfarben ideas new trends

As a kind of bright pink, we can describe the color of the year by DULUX. It is a proof of the fact that pink can be neutral. In this case, we have a very light version of this color with blue undertones. It is relaxing and modern.

Cobalt shadow, Sico

innovative wall paint ideas

Different shades are available in assortment!

cobalt shadow wall paint ideas

This is the latest Navy Blue by 2017. wall paint ideas with this shade can be combined with all other nuances. It would be a perfect background for a bright living room.

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