13 Creative Wall Design Are Ideas, Easy To Implement

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Looking just for original wall decoration ideas?

Once again, you need a change of scenery? Well, it should not necessarily be wallpaper. We have 13 simple, creative wall design ideas for you. Every single one of them is original and can be implemented at the same time in the blink of an eye. For the most decorations you need only color, tape, pencil, paper and a little hand skill. Look at everything in peace and think about which of these ideas would be the one that best suits your own four walls or just for one of them. To be honest, we couldn’t decide themselves, which is our favorite. All wall decoration ideas here have fallen quite well us and each boasts its own originality. So for example an accent wall brings a meditative optical perspective, which has a calming effect on the observer – with mountains on it quite suitable for your bedroom or why not even for your living room. The wall decorated with confetti patterns, however, ensures more dynamism and festive atmosphere in the room and the geometrical characters introduce a pleasant structure at the facility.

Wall decoration ideas with confetti patterns

wall design ideas confetti pattern living room diy wall decoration

Of course, stripes, circles, rain drops and stylized trees have also their appeal and will give a special flair to any any room. And is not in last place the wall decoration idea with the manuscript. Fabulous! Especially when you can write beautifully by hand, you have here the possibility to play completely.

Anyway we all have such matters in times of Internet and co. becoming less and less. The good thing is that you can write down any any phrase or even a self written poem on the wall and rejoice every time when you go to bed or work at your desk. To attach a chalk chalkboard paint on the kitchen wall for example, would also not wrong. Quite the contrary. It will give pleasure even your kids and they can also participate in the design of the wall.

Creative wall decoration ideas give each room a very specific, personal touch and provide even more comfort in every home. Be brave and try it out yet!

Have fun and a good luck!

Show your romantic side.

wall design ideas of diy handwriting design motif itself

Geometric figures in pastel and grey

wall design ideas make geometric patterns themselves diy wall decoration pastel

Experiment with colours and shapes!

diy wall decoration ideas wall decoration colorful triangles

Meditative with majestic mountains

wall design ideas mountains diy wall decoration

wall design ideas on mountain diy wall decoration

Colorful baby room

wall decoration ideas wall decoration diy colorful raindrops baby bed nursery

Minimalist with simple triangles

wall decoration ideas wall decoration diy geometric pattern study

All classic in black and white

black white stripes wall decoration ideas of diy wall decoration

Or do you rather prefer the tranquility of the forest?

wall design ideas diy decoration motives white grey

Circuits act harmoniously and provide for more optical compensation

wall design ideas do it yourself wall-paper circles

Wall decorating with chalkboard paint – a great idea

wall design ideas of chalk chalkboard paint of kitchen design bartheke

Stylish wall decoration idea for real purists

wall design ideas laminate wall decoration headboard bedroom

Playful patterns with Dalmatiner-

wall decoration ideas wall decoration Dalmatian pattern

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