60 Wall Color Ideas In Orange – Naturinspirierte Design For All Premises

Wall color ideas in Orange – a fresh and inspiring color for all premises

Wall paint ideas in Orange, represent a typical choice for people who are optimistic and likes to enjoy life. Also, it looks very modern. You can back up by a wall color in Orange very good mood and will encourage your creativity and optimistic attitude.

Ideas – in orange the dining area looks great wall color

innendesign residential ideas dining room seat colored pattern flowers

The diversity, which offers wall color orange

The Orange paint has many different nuances. They are all very natural and are full of energy. The reason for this is that most of the nature are inspired. We want to give you an exact overview in the next lines.

Wall color ideas in Orange and white floor – create a beautiful colour contrast in the kitchen

wall color ideas orange kitchen white bottom wooden table

Bright orange nuances make the room appear fresh and female

innendesign residential ideas living room walls light orange light green furniture

Select the appropriate shade for the baby’s room

innendesign room design beautiful carpet white accents

You are practically able to delete all spaces in your room in a different shade. The nature-inspired colors are all slightly different of their mood and personality. They can be romantic, inviting, but also seductive.

Through an orange accent wall give character to the living room

blue wall color ideas living room walls coloured furniture

Spice up the orange living room with pale blue furniture

wall color ideas make orange living room fireplace walls light blue sofa

Orange walls and white kitchen cabinets – a striking combination in the kitchen

wall color ideas kitchen orange walls white kitchen cabinets

An orange accent wall spices up the white kitchen on

innendesign kitchen design orange-and black combine floor tiles

Orange puts zest in the baby’s room

wall color ideas orange room fashion wandsticker

By selecting a different orange color for each room, you have a varied, creative and at the same time uniform appearance. They will offer wonderful feelings of optimism and joy of life yourself and your guests.


The shade of Tangerine is a now classic choice for the people who like the wall color orange. She has many different nuances. Are associated not only with optimism and joie de vivre, but also with a high lifestyle. This is ensured by its long and interesting history. Tangerines used to be a very rare product. They come from China, and there they were allowed to be eaten only by certain sections of the society.

Tangerine wall color can be noble are the living room

wall color ideas Tangerin zebra carpet living room

Tangerine has a special meaning in our own ancient history. Dresses in this nuance wore the ancient gods of Rome and Greece. With Tangerine, you show that you and your facilities have a very high level.

Intense orange color

You can use an intense orange color at home and nevertheless spread a harmonious atmosphere in the home. Look around for inspiration in nature. Intense, but at the same time fine colours are typical of many objects there. The autumn leaves, pumpkins, many fruits are there colored in an intense orange colour. There are even animals which have a Flash orange color.

Orange in garish shades uniqueness gives the room

innendesign ideas living room orange accent wall white elements wall shelf

Combine orange walls with Brown curtains

innendesign residential ideas dining room carpet tischdeko

Pastel Green and orange

In addition, we focus your attention on a particularly great and successful combination. It’s about the mix of Orange and pastel green. Play it with the intensity and the nuances of the two main colors! You have many different variations, one more beautiful than the other.

Orange and other colors properly coordinate

wall color ideas home ideas living room color dekokissen light green furniture

Green and Orange are two colors that occur in nature as a combination often together. In bright and pastel shades, they seem somewhat angewandter, modern, elegant and don’t lose their natural charisma.

Orange for strong contrasts

Think of a dark forest, and some orange leaves or other objects in that color. The latter act as wonderful accents in a strict and contemplative context. Transmit this mood in your home by following up the fall leaves in the form of decoration. Works of art on the wall, decorative pillows, etc. are suitable

Accents in Orange and pink

innendesign ornge pink girls rooms combine

Pink and Orange for pure romance

If there is a very romantic combination, this is pink and orange. See for yourself. Combine these shades within a flower bouquet or a painting!

Emphasize bright orange walls Flash accents

innendesign residential ideas nursery orange bed headboard girl

Pastel mix

wall color ideas living room walls colored orange

Covers home we recommend the paint of Orange in combination with as many accents of pink. For an even sunnier and merrier character, we would combine with yellow. Insert continue Brown accents, to provide more compensation.

Colored nursery design and choose orange as the wall color

innendesign ideas nursery girl Green elements

Mild colour design for the living room

wall color ideas living room set up fresh Blue items

Instead of orange walls, choose furniture in Orange for the nursery

innendesign nursery coloured furniture set up red carpet

The right bed linen and the right carpet beautifully complement the nursery

wall color ideas orange brown elements pendant strips carpet

Orange accent wall – a bold decision for the dining room

innendesign ornge accent dining room wall home ideas

Living room ideas in garish colours

wall color ideas, living room design ideas

Matching carpet and matching furniture in the foreground make the orange wall

innendesign tangerine paint colored stripes rug

Dark orange shades are a bold interior solution

innendesign wall color choose dark orange nuances dining room

Orange fabrics bring out the orange bedroom wall nicely

innendesign wall color select orange nuances bedroom

Elements in stark Orange refresh the simple nursery walls

innendesign Brown accent wall orange round rug

Maid’s room with a warm radiance

innendesign residential ideas nursery Orange shades combine wood furniture

Combine orange and white in the bedroom

innendesign residential ideas bedroom white elements dekovasen

Warm tones give clear comfort the living room

innendesign residential ideas living room cozy orange walls red carpet

A light grey sofa looks cool in front of an orange wall

innendesign residential ideas living room grey corner sofa orange accent wall

Orange can make the room appear too cozy

innendesign residential ideas living room fireplace Chair

Combine orange with white

innendesign residential ideas living room white carpet cool glow

Fashion Orange accent wall in the small living room

innendesign residential ideas living room sofa stone wall coloured accents

Set up the boys room in Orange

innendesign residential ideas nursery children bunk bed of carpet runners young room

Make the dining area in stark tones

wall color ideas make colored fresh orange dining area wall

wall color ideas nursery orange purple combine carpet runner

wall color ideas nursery orange wall green accent wall red elements

wall color ideas kitchen orange open living plan

wall color ideas orange shades dekokissen

wall color ideas Orange nuances of warm tones bedroom set

wall color ideas orange colour select fur carpet

innendesign dining room chandelier set orange walls pink accents

wall color ideas orange walls rustic Cabinet of Orange chair

wall color ideas orange carpet pattern walls pale yellow rooms ceilings

wall color ideas orange wall color carpet fireplace cozy

wall color ideas orange housing ideas living room Strip rug

wall color ideas orange tangerine residential ideas wanddeko

wall color ideas home ideas dining room plant

wall color ideas home ideas kitchen purple combination

wall color ideas home ideas living room fireplace leather chair

wall color ideas home ideas living room orange walls coloured elements

wall color ideas home ideas living room orange Orange sofa walls

innendesign ideas living room fashion orange furniture white coffee table

wall color ideas living room bright carpet set

wall color ideas make orange living room walls plant

wall color ideas living room ideas, living room carpet floral pattern

wall color ideas living room Moroccan style orange walls

innendesign home ideas kitchen orange white orange kitchen island ceiling walls

wall color ideas bedroom design frboge furniture

wall color ideas living room orange walls plant