Advent Christmas Christmas – Our Small Christmas Glossary From A To Z

Posted on Oct 01, 2013

advent Bescherrung Christmas Christmas ball decoration mood

Can you feel anticipation for Christmas?

The feast of the family moves, and you might want to prepare as well as possible and be naturally also well informed about everything that revolves around Christmas. Our little Christmas lexicon is there for all the nosy and know-it-all! We hope you will enjoy the reading and also learn something new.


You should sink every year in the Christmas rush, but use the four weeks of advent as preparation time. This is the advent wreath and clearly indicates how much time we still have up to Christmas Eve.

Small Christmas glossary from A to Z

advent Bescherrung Christmas Christmas ball decoration mood calendar #-bescherrung Christmas Christmas ball decode mood Adventskalender

Christmas present

The gifts are the best surprise for the children on Christmas Eve, she can hardly wait… Yes, is the custom in most Christian countries – presented the gifts on Christmas Eve. In the United States and England the children open their gifts until in the morning of the first day of Christmas, so on December 25.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a symbol of Christmas giving.  Whether we believe in Jesus or not, the excitement and the joy of the gift-giving are today more important!


From the first Sunday of advent, it all smells cookies, toffee, mulled wine and pine branches! It’s Christmas time,… the most beautiful time of the year!

The well known scent of Christmas

Christmas Christmas Christmas fragrance cookies decoration mood gifts


Angels are a must in Christmas decoration. You now have high season! Why?-maybe someone would ask. Because they play a central role in the Bible. Often, they proclaim God’s will and are mediators between God and the people.


The great pleasure for young and old! With the gifts, also the secrecy of the advent season – combines the time of the closed doors, the secret errands and tense expectation. So it will be exciting!

It’s Christmas very!

Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas ball decoration mood gifts

Christmas Eve

The eve of Christmas is Christmas Eve. Hopefully have up to this point everything done – done all preparations, packed packet and now you can finally enjoy your celebration with your loved ones! It’s Christmas Eve! It sounds all very quietly: “Silent night, Holy night…”


Candles play a special role at Christmas, as they are a symbol of Jesus be – considered the “light of the world”. The many scented candles produce not just a solemn atmosphere, they have also a religious background. Nowadays we can not imagine the advent and Christmas season without red candles.

Red candle holders in the form of a Christmas ball

Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas ball Dekom mood candles


Gingerbread are a typical Christmas biscuits, no matter in what form they are baked. Already in the 13th century, the first gingerbread in Germany were prepared and were well known in Nuremberg, Augsburg, Cologne and Basel.

The taste of Christmas – gingerbread and cookie

Advent Christmas Christmas gingerbread cookie decoration heart


On 6 December and Santa Claus comes to the well-behaved children with sweets and small gifts. His gifts are always great surprises for the little ones. Around the world, he has many names such as Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Father Frost or Sinterklaas. But no matter what we call him, is a favorite person for all children in the run-up to Christmas!

Enjoy the Christmas season and have fun!

Advent Christmas Christmas gingerbread cookie decoration


HM, it smells so beautiful, cookies… They taste best secretly genascht before the holidays…

Christmas star and hearts for the food and decorating

Advent Christmas Christmas gingerbread cookie decorating red


Christstollen – it tastes delicious! Tunnels are there since the 14th century. Originally, the white snow cake should represent the Christ child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Christmas tree

Please now take a deep breath! Yes, the spicy scent of the needle holding your head clear and free the breaths. Festively decorated the Christmas tree is almost everywhere – in churches, in the Centre of the city and of course in every apartment!

The decorated Christmas tree is actually the most common decorative custom on Christmas around the world.

Advent Christmas Christmas Christmas ball decoration Christmas tree


We wish you a Merry Christmas and that all your wishes come true!

Advent Christmas Christmas card decoration mood gifts


We can hardly imagine Christmas without cinnamon stars. The popular mulled wine and gingerbread spices is very popular in Germany and very much in demand in this season. Cinnamon, warming and relaxing effect and is thus the ideal winter spice.

Merry Christmas!

Advent Christmas Christmas Christmas tree cookies decoration

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