Bedroom Wall Design – Mural Behind The Bed

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pattern bedroom light colour design wall decoration

Make your bedroom not only functional and comfortable, but also weird and modern

One of the unwritten rules in the bedroom is as follows – the bed should be placed next to the wall. This position gives us a sense of security, protection and security. However, in the modern construction, the possibilities are endless. But here we discuss not the bed, but the wall behind it.

We dedicate this vertical surface not always the necessary attention…

The interior designers and interior designers know this fact and offer various, diverse ideas us too, as we could this bedroom wall design . Many people want but rather set up their apartment themselves without outside help.

That’s why we have different installation examples for you, showing several useful and stylish variations.

“We already know what we need to do in our bedroom” – some of you might say. But there are some issues you should respond to that and then take a look at our thematic proposals. You will not regret it!

Fashion bedroom wall

closet wall decoration bedroom Eingebuat

Reading like at night before you go to sleep? If Yes, then throw the book behind or under the bed?

Do you have favorite pieces like pictures, souvenirs, flower vases, and others, for which you have no free space?

Is your bedroom too small? Do you ever have a nightstand next to the bed, where you can make things like alarm clock, phone and table lamp?

Do you think something is missing you in the bedroom?

How do you find the idea of installing some Wall shelves behind the bed? Which offers more storage space and shows a beautifully decorated murals.

You should attach the shelves at least 20-30 cm high above the bed to prevent accidents.

The universal furnishing solution is to paint the shelves in white, because this color to all other good fits. But note the contrast between the colors!

Typical feminine bedroom

bedroom wall cute figures frame rattan frame

Black shelves on the bedroom wall

bedroom Green Wall shelves set design set

Concrete walls seem cool and refreshing

Grey ambience window idea Bedroom

Modular shelving are highly modern and practical

wall bedroom wall design glossy shelves

Built-in ceiling lighting

installing soft lighting bedroom wall figures

Sunny bedroom designed in bright colours

wall bedroom ideas grey nightstand

Fabulous design for girls

small bedroom decoration ideas

Masculine bedroom idea

monochromatic dark bedroom wall figures objectively

Urban bedroom for young people

fresh colours soft carpet bedroom urban

Warm interior design in Brown

original bedroom wall design design lamps incorporated

Vintage and rustic, some like it

bedroom wall figures pendant rustic style nice colors

Visual interpretation

bedroom ideas set up bed wall

The State of the art purple color – color design in the bedroom

bedroom wall trendy feminine decorating modern cozy

Comfortable sleep

bedroom wall design wall shelving frame

Flower pattern everywhere give a feeling of freshness and comfort

Bedroom wall design stripes flower patterns

Stripes and shiny

Bedroom wall design Strip racks

Beige shades and houseplants bring cosiness

Beautiful bedroom set hot colors wall

Light and dark colors

black red passion combined bedroom set

Grey and minimalist – you ask what more could be?

black white floor lamp contemporary idea Bedroom wall

warm bedroom pendant decoration ideas Classic hanging lamp in the bedroom serves here as a Catcher

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