Cool Prank Ideas For Walls

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delete walls smooth Matt

Lovely choice of colours

Before you go to work, prepare the walls and the ceiling for painting. The surface should be smooth, clean and dry. Cover the area that you do not want to paint. The painting itself is a quick and easy task, if you have done everything correctly.

What for a wall color can we choose?You used the most acrylic or latex paints. The saturated colors of the wall can be applied once and are mostly for ceilings because they create a refreshing effect.

EffectUsually used frosted colours for the ceilings and those with a shiny, glossy effect for the walls. To apply a lacquer, you should previously clean surfaces very carefully and dry.

Cool prank ideas for walls

prank ideas walls nautical blue bedroom

You need to know the following

• The frosted color is dirty faster, but it covers the imperfections in the surface.

The specular color best suits the living and dining rooms •.

The lacquer with a translucent effect • used one in the kitchen, bathroom

A trick with a broom

walls DIY paint brush

Required tools and materials

Use brushes and rollers, which are suitable for the chosen color.

• Brushes for LaTeX and alkyd

• Rollers for monolayer coating walls and ceilings; against stains. Professional reel• Manual or electric mixer• Bucket of paint, if the paint box is not large enough so you can dip the roller is.• Pull-out handle for painting the ceiling.• Folding ladder• Soil protection made of nylon• Solvent or water

Grey and white color combination in the bathroom

walls painting wall design designing modern color

Spiral-shaped pattern in yellow

walls painting spiral black yellow

Technology, with which you can apply two layers on the walls and the ceiling.

If you repeat the brushing, you get a better economical result


Cover the bottom of the wall with self-adhesive nylon or use old newspapers and tape.

First remove the ends and corners, using old round brush tip.

Apply the color by moving the brush vertically.

Then, spread with horizontal movements.

Bold and meaningful

walls painting carpet table

Hand-painted patterns of nature behind the headboard

prank ideas for walls bed headboard

Cut flower pattern on the door frame itself

prank ideas for wall flowers DIY door

Instructions for wall decoration

prank ideas for walls DIY pattern

Contemporary purple wall decoration in the bathroom

prank ideas walls dark bath

Chromatic colours of walls and wall decoration

prank ideas for walls colors patterns Chair

Girlish bedroom – pink colour

prank ideas for walls figures

Gray, but tender colour combinations in the attic

prank ideas strip walls stool turquoise

Small Wall shelves more decorative than functional prank ideas for walls Regal purple color

Light blue stripes on the wall

prank ideas walls striped White and blue colour scheme

Pattern cardboard, Tinker and apply on the wall

prank ideas for wall murals

Black wall stickers inspired by the nature

prank ideas for walls wall tree

Tricks and effects with existing materials to create painting walls colored instructions

Geometric and colorful in the industrial space

walls painting geometric pattern colorful wall design

More ideas for geometric patterns on the wall

painting walls colored geometric figures

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