Cool Wall Decoration – A Photo Wall With Family Photos Figures

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photo wall design idea home family Golden picture frame

Project: Design a family photo wall

Nowadays we’re ready, that we can have all cameras and by the printer convert the pixels virtually always in wonderful pictures. I have done no research on this topic, but I’m sure that at present there are more photographs per family than ever before.

How should you present for them then?

According to interior designer Emily Mughannam of EM design interiors in Sonoma, the technologies have changed although California, but the desire to surround ourselves with family pictures is always so great!

In your opinion as a wall is to tell a story. A photo wall shows us clearly, where we have been and in which direction we go. Here, you need not even for such a design a professional.

make a photo wall with family photos

photo wall with family photos design staircase black picture frame

Why: If you hang up wrong all pictures on the wall, which looks as if it has taken everything out of the drawers out and placed on the wall. A thought behind it can convert the wall into a work of art.

Who should you hire: Although can be something of a weekend as an own DIY project. However, you can reach a higher-end look by setting a professionals. Pull the frame by a craftsman in consideration also the creation.

Decide where your photo wall should be

photo wall with family photos images Gallery original minimalist

Main steps : I personally prefer due to the crowded appearance, to place such projects in floorboards or in the bedroom. Then you have to consider, whether to follow the arrangement in the form of a grid, or be more asymmetrical. No matter which you choose, the relation between the images will create a sense of order. It also continuously use an element at all. It can be color, shading the frame or size of the images.

You can have many photos of various sizes, if these all are black and white.

Here we see an example of the David Rausch Studio in Zionsville, Indiana. The black-white images have the same size and the same frame as the window. So they formulated a strong architectural statement in the room.

How will you implement the project successfully:

You should consider methods where it should add no new images and a finished look. A popular way would be to use frame, whose Inhalt can be exchanged quickly

In the picture here, we see the architect from the Studio Slade architecture in New York

photo wall family photos wall decoration stair steps glass railing

It has exhibited asymmetric a large number of images. It has created the wall behind the metal staircase to mount images there by magnets.

The common element here is the color appearance. It created a very personal work of abstract art.

The designer Mughannam has reached similar results through magnetic paint a similar look. It uses very fine pieces of iron, by which you can place the images. If you choose this type, you should be warned that it takes sometimes many layers of the paint.

Here is a decoration from this designer in San Francisco

photo wall with family photos design living room sofa heart form

Through the technique described just above, this person has created a sweet heart shape. It has realized the idea in a teenager’s room. You have the ability to create quite different characters from images through the wall.

You must run the images but not always in the same shape and colour

photo wall with family photos images Gallery picture frames differ

They used a series of vintage frames in this example here. It was helpful that they used the same distance between them.

You can see here the photo wall of this photo by Hardy projects, wall. You created it for a home in Kansas City, Missouri. They used very different frame. However, because the extreme edges are underlined and the frame apart are always the same, reaching a great appearance.

You do so a project at home? You want to try it alone?

photo wall family photos images Gallery white design

Here is a special tip for you: you can arrange the whole images on a large piece of paper. Once you have the correct arrangement, you can attach them to the wall. You can list the set of images by nail. If you rip off the paper, the images remain marked. It works!

Or maybe can you think of another method?

photo wall with family photos design cool throw pillows stained velvetblack and white

photo wall with family photos design idea residential family love

Wall stickers in the form of a family tree

photo wall with family photos design idea residential family love

Cute, different wooden picture frame

photo wall with family photos design idea residential family love picture frame

Brown leather sofa

photo wall with family photos figures living family love leather brown sofa

Striking red picture frame

photo wall with family photos figures living family order

Retro style

photo wall with family photos figures living family Retro

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