Cool Wall Decoration Ideas – Use Existing Materials And Substances

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cool wall decoration ideas floral pattern white grey flowers

Cool wall decoration ideas – use existing materials and substances

You staring at blank walls, is asking as it fills the empty space? It is a pity that affordable quality art is so hard to find… or is it? Why take se not matters into their own hands? Is with the right materials, who knows what’s possible? Whether you’re on a tight budget, or you can simply find not the right wall art for your room, the DIY(do it yourself) be awaken below safe ideas your creativity!

We start with the art, which found articles can be made of available around the House. An exciting trend is the use of kitchen rolls to create three-dimensional artwork. The canvas shows below tailored kitchen paper pipe sections, which are flattened and arranged to create an organic, geometric motif. For the full tutorial, check just a girl.

Whimsical flower pattern on the wall

cool wall decoration ideas floral pattern itself make

As you can see, kitchen roll tubes can also be charming with their natural colors:

Kitchen roll tubes to food packaging… The artwork below uses corrugated plastic sheeting and white cake packaging in two sizes. We can imagine this contemporary development in a number of cupcake fabulous colors! [full tutorial on Shelterness]

Theme of sea – shells on the wall

cool wall decoration ideas floral pattern sea theme

For a different dimension to the cupcake lining Ribbon art phenomenon, add large tacks of oranges to the mixture. In the art on the walls below the lining bands will be the Centre of each flower petals, and the tacks. Can you discover the paper doily as well?

Always floral accents

cool wall decoration ideas velvet Royal Blue

Once you have finished eating the contents of your round yogurt cups, dip it in paint and launching stamps to create some contemporary DIY Bubblekunst. The results can be seen below on a windowpane, but we think the effect would be equally breathtaking on a canvas. White on white looks very modern, but experimenting with colored shade of color could be just as striking.

Do you have small potatoes in the kitchen? It’s time to carve them in postage stamps and use them to create a wall of polka dots! The temporary Paris apartment below requires an affordable wall art solution, and the reply DIY was potato prints! Don’t forget Oh happy day for the full tutorial for review.

Colorful points for more fun

cool wall decoration ideas stained points

There is something to be said for a strong grouping of canvas. Especially when they are covered in sections a thrift store map. The creator of this project took special care to give an aged effect the bounds of each screen that plays the vintage quality of the artwork. [Farooq tutorial in the little birdie secrets]

Wall decoration with maps of the world – interesting and useful

cool wall decoration ideas globe globe

There are some architecturally interesting results in full bloom with some wallpaper and a trip to the supply depot of the architect… Do you like this charming arrangement of the painted ceiling rosettes?

Butter yellow plate – chic decoration

cool wall decoration ideas plate yellow butter notes

If you are a fan of wall-paper, but not the whole room cover want, with painted trim for a paneled effect, try framing sections of the paper.

Wall panels – classical ambience

cool wall decoration ideas colorful old-fashioned blue color

If you can decide not only on a wallpaper pattern, go with a range. In the DIY wallpaper mosaic below poster strips used to secure cut Tappetenquadrate. The selection of complementary shade of paper considered a skillful mix of patterns. [full tutorial on Shelterness]

Mosaic wallpaper

cool wall decoration ideas floral combines eclectic

Create your own art

cool wall decoration ideas floral Chevron

When you are ready to take a brush, find a variety of opportunities that await you! In the DIY below offer Chevron art project geometry and shine a stencil and some metallic paint. [full tutorial from make under my life]

Beautiful Chevron pattern

cool wall decoration ideas modern blue color still image

For more funny Chevron, try to cover shoe box tops with color. The project utilized a downloadable Chevron pattern and a variety of box lids in various sizes. The best part: the edge on the lids makes it easy it to attach to the walls with the help of nails or tacks!

Wooden picture frame

cool wall decoration ideas picture frame wood laundry clip

For this next wall art grouping, you create a series of silhouettes with spray paint and small items, such as clothes pegs. Scan your home for other pieces of jewelry that would make interesting silhouettes. We can imagine this art in a nursery to leave, especially if used old toys in the process!

Canvas image – geometric lines and saturated colors

cool wall decoration ideas red geometric shapes linesFür a similar look with a monochrome touch, using bright shades of color and white band. But this time will keep the band on the big screen! A modern trend in wall art, it seems especially, when striking colors are involved! For a full practice on modern triangle DIY wall art in primary colors, please visit: Mr. Handsomeface.

Minimalist art – bright colors

themselves make picture frame colorful figures lines

I bet that you have not thought of “Styrofoam”. Fortunately, this next project was the perfect use for this art supply related, then for a work of art full of patterns in substance and depth can be overlapped.

Different sizes and wide canvas pattern

cool wall decoration ideas Grau Weiß cloth artfully

Speaking of foam, foam buy some white scrapbooking and are willing to use a pair of scissors and a little patience, the silhouettes, which arise, are amazing. We’re a fan of the 2-frame dog silhouette down.

Flash, bright colors – floral ornamental pattern

cool wall decoration ideas colorful shape type

The next project is a labor of love worth the time and energy. To create your own modern painted wood wall art, you buy an assortment of thin wood and MDF panels, color and nails. Then get the full scoop on this piece on salvage love, make sure that you have access to a table saw.

Functional living room furniture

cool wall decoration ideas globe wood art art

Check your drawer with gift box and bag paper in bright colors. Using the mod podge and white acrylic paint, the whimsical wall art with a circular motif can include you! [full tutorial on Mr. Handsomeface]

Painted white canvas and colourful, happy balls off

cool wall decoration ideas colorful ball

We want to hear it for the vintage look of typography! Embroidery hoop wall art below uses white cloth, a pack Scrapbook letters and black acrylic paint.

Colorful, square fabric – wall covering

cool wall decoration ideas colorful fabric square

For the additional interest, try to cut the color sample strips and use them to make a series of intersecting circles. This project requires patience, but it is worth the effort as you can see below.

Colorful ball, which have diamond-shaped interior

cool wall decoration ideas colorful colourful fabric

If you enjoy collecting vintage plate is this following idea for you! White porcelain plates are the treatment of choice along with the porcelain color. Use the color to decorate the plate, then hang them in a group. Note how the soft edges on the below designs beautiful mix with the ikat pillow pattern. [full tutorial Canadian House & home]

White material wall plate painted with blue and pink

cool wall decoration ideas colorful porcelain plate

We finish with a large wall art installation that includes a postcard collection! We think that this DIY project photos might work just as well. It certainly is, the number of images is great and they all are beautiful!

Covered an entire wall with photos

cool wall decoration ideas colorful postcards art art

Many people find inspiration in the DIY ideas of others. Perhaps one of the artworks will be soon in your living room hang up. Or maybe a picture that you have seen, has given you an idea of your own. Build on one of the DIY projects, add a delivery, changing a color or extend the scope of the original plan. We hope you enjoy your work!

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