Creative Wall Design With Art

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creative wall-design dining room artistic atmosphere

12 examples of creative wall design with large paintings

Hang large wall paintings in your home and you be designed stylishly decorate your empty walls. Aim but a creative wall design, you should follow something smarter and more original. Forget the traditional decoration methods, after which the mural on the wall above the fireplace mantel, is centered on the living room sofa or hung in the bedroom on the wall behind the bed.

Works of art in the living room make for a strange artistic atmosphere

creative wall-design dining room artwork mural

Place a large mural in the dining area and match the colours of the painting with the furniture. To create a harmonious and stylish ambiance and view your preferences for the art. The mural is used because of its size similar to a photo wallpaper and adds a romantic touch to the room. Certainly your morning coffee never again will be the same.

Artwork in the bedroom – Yes, but please not at the wall behind the bed

creative wall-design mural colored

A large mural behind the bed is used as a headboard and this method is often applied. You want but more original look in your bedroom, you consider anywhere else for your bedroom painting. Also a work of art behind your back (if you lie in bed) you can observe and enjoy. In the example above is the painting on the wall left of the bed.

Is there room for art in the kitchen?

creative wall-design dining room kitchen wall painting green

A wall painting in the kitchen can enormously to refresh the atmosphere and make you extra mood while cooking. Fresh vibrant colors such as green, Orange, yellow and red, provoke the senses and let you taste the food better.

The Hall is the best place where you could organize a small exhibition of works of art

floor creative wall-design mural

Crossing borders – venture out of the House

outdoor veranda wall decoration wall painting large

Do you have a porch? Do not hesitate and find a work of art that is also suitable for outdoor use. The image above can serve you as a fresh inspiration.

Wall decoration in apartments with mezzanine

creative wall design mezzanine artwork mural

Apartments with mezzanine have an unusual construction and offer more wall space. So take the chance and decorate the walls with large wall paintings that go great together.

Combine wall paintings of various sizes with sculptures and magnificent chandeliers

floor creative wall-design mural large

All expectations contrary to the work of art should be hung does not necessarily

creative wall-design living room artwork hung not

Artistic atmosphere in minimalist style

artwork creative wall-design black white not Aufgehämgt

This wood shelf is actually intended for books

exceptional creative wall-design bedroom shelf painting

Placed directly on the side table

wall decoration living room artwork hung not

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