Do It Yourself Decoration – Original Wall Decoration With Cables

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do it yourself decorating cable wall decoration

Great do it yourself decoration from ropes and cables for the wall

Almost everything works with cables and wires in the last few years. That’s why we have always very much of it at home. Two main problems arise in connection therewith. Firstly, the room in which they are located is always ugly. You don’t know what to do with the many cables. Second, one is what you can do with the cables as soon as you no longer need them at some point simply clueless.

Because what could be as terrible as accumulated wires in the corner…

Appear ugly cable looks!

do it yourself decoration mural current voltmeter

Now, the blogs on the Internet are ideas with cables, full of great do it yourself decorating. You show how you these appealing can present rather than to hide.

Present a city or other landscape with cables

do it yourself decorating cable city panorama minimalist

You consider just a wall decoration in your room? You have too many free-standing cable? Why to combine both things? From the long cables, you can playback a cityscape or the silhouette of a building by strokes. This idea looks great in industrial facilities with free-standing fixtures.

Why actually does not make you the fireplace a decorative room about?

do it yourself decorating white cable mural fireplace

Combine with color

In the Internet you will find many do it yourself decorating ideas that combine the various cable graphics with great color. You make all works of art representing painting relief, some part of it.

Simplified design

We have mentioned the more complicated do it yourself decorating ideas with cables at the beginning of this article. But for those, they are too expensive, we have other options. You can make intelligent manner the cable more appealing look by applying some very simple tricks.

You can build a special device on the wall, and wind the cord in circle around it.

So they will look this nice neat

do it yourself decorating red cable spiral

You can attach just the cable to the wall, without achieving a special form

do it yourself decorating loose wall decoration of black cable

This will simply look in many cases as an abstract work of art. Even more to emphasize the effect of the work of art, you can submit the cable of a canvas.

The electric wires that are close to the ground

You have the cable close to the ground? Probably DIY decoration then not very much bring ideas you do it. Don’t worry! There are many easy tricks also for this case, you get the whole thing in handle. The first thing you should do is to attach the cables, so that they just lying around on the wall. Bring sheets or other paper decorations to them, so that they look like the bars of a beautiful plant.

Why put not there somewhere a bird made of paper

do it yourself decorating green paper leaves bird

Quiet, you can experiment with the color

do it yourself decorating paper leaves craft

Hang a pendant lamp casually on the wall

do it yourself decorations hanging lamp metal cable

Neon green plastic vines as elegant cable hide

do it yourself decorating plastic Rankenornamente

Creative idea for your cable to the wall

do it yourself decorating cable hiding

Minimalist apocryphal as wall decoration

do it yourself decorating Mini m tables wall decoration

Or just easily arrange the cable

do it yourself decorating wall decoration cable abstract

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