Emulsion Paint – What You Should Purchase Concerns?

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emulsion paint color yellow wall decoration light made

Interesting facts about the emulsion paint

One of the most applied wall paintings is the so called emulsion paint. It’s a wall color that is thick-layer and therefore has an excellent hiding power. Emulsion paints dry very quickly and have hardly a smell. To do this, they are also washable, stain-resistant and water-dilutable. These colors can be easily painted over other coatings such as E.g. latex paints .

Dispersion paints are perfect for your bathroom

emulsion paint color palette stripe bathroom

Why is such a painting called emulsion paint?

Because this color consists of a dispersion of different fabrics. It most commonly involves an emulsion of binders and solvents, additives, pigments and fillers. The dispersion paints are actually acrylic or synthetic resin dispersion paints. There is also the natural emulsion paint, which contain no chemicals, but consist mostly of vegetable oils.

Prepare all necessary utensils

emulsion paint resins Binder lime green wall color

The emulsion paints contain too many preservatives and biocides. These additives help that prevents the formation of mold. The unpleasant fact is that these substances can often cause allergic reactions. That’s why more such colors, no biocides have recommended that, but used what stabilizers of mineral origin. Such colors are marked accordingly and especially for children’s rooms and hospitals said.

Carefully select the wall color for each room in your home

emulsion paint colors brush wall decoration

Caution is also requested when it comes to a different element. The talc is used as a filler in the emulsion paint. But often, as a natural product, it can happen that it is contaminated with asbestos, particularly with amphibole asbestos. This pollutant can be released in case of drilling, milling and scraping off into the air and pose serious risks to health.

So, as you have noticed it already self-determined, buying a wall color is not a simple matter. Many aspects need to be thought through well. Think you already in advance exactly, which rooms you want to delete, what properties, advantages and disadvantages of color are most important. Definitely not, leave it to chance! Be prepared and make the wall painting as professional as it gets.

On the market you will find a rich choice of colours and brands

emulsion paint colours wall decoration

All possible shades are available

emulsion paint color palette color selection

Strong, warm tones are especially recommended

emulsion paint resins Binder Orange wall decoration

Applying a dispersion color is easy peasy

dispersion color red color wall decoration paint roller

You can of course also quite easily so paint the ceiling

emulsion paint white paint paint roller roller

Decorate with filigree patterns

emulsion paint wall color filigree floral pattern

Benefit from the latest color systems

emulsion paint color machine mechanical wall decoration

For example of these Bosch

emulsion paint wall colour modern system

Latest technology and convenience

emulsion paint wall decorative wall paint color system Bosch

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