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Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Wall decoration with images: favorite photos creatively put in scene

In times of smartphones and digital cameras, we constantly make snapshots, which then disappear in the shallows of the hard disk. Even the particularly successful recordings from holidays, family gatherings or outings with friends land mostly in a folder on the computer and then very little attention. There’s wonderful ways at home to put the most beautiful pictures in scene. As a large-format screen, creative collage and classic series – no imagination at the photo mural of the.


A little preparation must be

First, one should consider what theme you want to see on the wall: family photos in the dining room? Landscape pictures in the living room? Snapshots in the bathroom? All doable, as long as the motifs have a single mood. Then the overall looks and feel easy in this room.

Number and size of the images should match the size of the room. The smaller the room, the pictures must be bigger – that ensures distance. However, it should be limited to then on a few subjects. Large furniture fit great photos, so the proportions agree and the images optically not be crushed by furniture. Also the colors of the images should be careful to set up.


The appropriate material

Gone are the days in which develop settled the favourite pictures on photo paper: today there are countless methods and materials that make the holiday picture or a portrait shot a real eye catcher. Posters are the cheapest option, a high-quality framing adds a fine touch to them. You can find different designs such as Close Up.

Another variant is the print on canvas, which is especially suitable for shooting landscapes or abstract motifs. Photographs on ALU-Dibond, for example WhiteWall offers are an alternative. This technique, the subject on an aluminium plate is printed, making it particularly durable. The depictions range from matte to glossy.


The most beautiful hanging

It is easiest to hang large images. When installing, you should always make sure that the photo is about on par. However, exceptions prove the rule: it may well look to place large pictures at the bottom of the wall. Best you can help with attachment from someone, so that you can try out different variations without having to hit a nail in the wall every time.

Especially when a grouping of multiple images, such as the classical St. Petersburg hanging, you should try before the arrangement, so that it is not messy in the end. At a wall it is advisable to install large photos in the middle and to group the small around it. The outer frame edges are flush and the frame colour match to get a harmonious overall impression.


Other possibilities for the design of the wall:

Photos on picture borders present and simply replace if necessary
Place pictures on the floor, sideboards or on shelves
Many small photos to a large collage group

Picture rights:

Figure 1: Flickr Green jinkazamah CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

Figure 2: Flickr Studio wall easel Wicker paradise CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

Figure 3: Flickr Snapshorts of home: Vosgesparis decor8 holly CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

Figure 4: Flickr I’m loving: White brick walls decor8 holly CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved

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