Geometric Pattern As Wall Decoration And Other Interesting Ideas

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geometric pattern wallpaper designer wallpaper

Geometric patterns – Designinspiration for your next DIY project

I am working currently on some DIY projects. Enclose different things by painting cabinets in the bathroom to create murals in narrow bathrooms. I prefer one with geometric figures certain appearance for both rooms into consideration. Are you informed about the new design trends?

They offer lot of interesting things as for example like diamond shaped terrariums, prismatic lights and much more. Bottom line, one can say that the geometric shapes are dominant. If it matters, the DIY possibilities are almost infinite.

Is there something easier than drawing up a triangle on a terracotta flower pot or beautify an accent wall by diamond pattern?

Today I picked out ten examples for you, which serve as a nice source of inspiration for people who bring love to geometric patterns in usage. Open your eyes to the diversity of these designs which surround us everywhere!

Triangular geometric patterns

One of the hottest themes that exist today, are the triangle pattern. You come on carpets, blankets, bed linen and actually everywhere. Are you looking for inspiration for your own project? Look at the decorations themselves, that are so common on the market in recent times.

Here we have a piece that also could help in this regard

geometric patterns of colored triangles

You can adjust the look from the top of the wall designs. Here they performed the triangles in different shades. You place the hot red and light green… However, the specific patterns below would take a long time if you should delete them and color. Therefore, I would immediately buy this or a similar wallpaper.

The work here is the company MuralsWallpaper

geometric pattern as wall decoration kitchen colored triangles

Fully exploit the empty space! This idea has inspired the designers of the duvet and pillowcases, on which the small triangles floating. The company is Urban Outfitters. In some cases, they are distributed and carried out in others – in groups of two and three. It is brought to so many possibilities here. Wonderful, or?

Pink and grey triangles beautify this bed linen

geometric patterns of colored triangles pink grey bedding

Let’s see from now a little bit of the triangles with a straight angle? We see many of these geometric patterns present examples of decoration. Often they occur on a comfortable cushion. The examples of company Rosie + The Boys are like a lesson in this respect. I like the colors exactly as much as their form. [via Pinterest]

Right triangles as Tapatenmuster

geometric pattern as Wandtapette wall shelving wall decoration

Remember that if it’s triangles must be simple things. The pillow below remind us that some diagonal lines need to create varied triangular forms. Instead of having to fill the wall or an accent area with several small shapes, you can try it with a bold design on large forms.

Such cushion covers can be found at FERM living

geometric patterns of colored triangles pillowcases

Do you remember when you started, to keep Schrägzeuge out of wood for obsolete? Nowadays, the diagonal layout is back in! You can say that it has exceeded even the popularity of the Chevron pattern. Below we see the canted (angular wool carpet) wool rug from West Elm. According to the designers, they were inspired by abstract painting with disproportionately large chevron patterns.

Geometric patterns with diagonal lines

geometric pattern carpet pattern of diagonal stripes colored

The diagonals appear not only on textiles, but also on the furniture. If you have a narrow space that must urgently be landscapes, you should reject the idea never, to equip them with inclined, if even shorter lines. In the picture below: herringbone mirrored vanity (mirror cabinet patterned with Fischgrätten) from West Elm:

Geometric patterns in furniture design

geometric patterns of black white dressing table

The use of bold colours in this type of design is important. This is one of my favorite examples of this season put cabinet from CB2. I find it absolutely gorgeous on the one hand the colour combination. The piece of furniture was created by the designer from Brooklyn CECI Thompson. You were inspired by Fischgrättenmuster on the ground. More specifically, the idea came when a Chevron pattern very close has looked at them.

What a wonderful compromise between simplicity and saliency in creating geometric patterns

geometric pattern Cabinet oblique coloured strips

Here we see white lines on a yellow background. We recognize that in this geometric wall painting in the laundry room of the company design milk. The design was created with the help of by ColorSnap from Sherwin Williams Studio app. Also strategically applied tape came to the rescue.

Creative wall design with color

geometric pattern as wall decoration strips white on yellow

At the end I will present an example, which comes from the most unexpected place. Here is the talk of the manicure by iPolished . It includes a number of diagonal patterns.


ideas geometric pattern manicure

The design inspired above you to own ideas? If Yes, which? We hope you enjoy the creative process!

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