Incredible, Realistic Wall Sculptures By Matteo Pugliese

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realistic wall sculptures feelings

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Know, Italy is a country rich in sculptures. The art of the Romans up to the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Bernini, it is here, you will not be difficult to find a statue or bust in marble and bronze. But today we have something different at hand. Created by an Italian, with one foot in the past and the other in the future, either to escape the brazed figures, or to seek protection – brittle, cut hands, feet, heads and bodies in the wall seem, all protruding from the wall that conceals the remaining characters. These are the works by Matteo Pugliese, who was born in Milan.

realistic wall sculptures express different emotions

realistic wall sculptures discharge supplication incredible

Even learned sculptor has lot of experimenting and exercised his chosen craft of art since his youth. This style embodies his love for innovations such as animation and science-fictionfilms with roots in the past. His works stand out against the wall, by throwing shade. These shadows indicate their captive nature while you shape the surface itself.While Pugliese usually exhibits his works on white walls, many of his regular customers prefer surfaces with textures, colors, patterns and even mirrors.

As if he wants to hide in the wall

realistic wall sculptures low back design

realistic wall sculptures strictly evil is evil face, as if ready to fight

Yearn for freedom

realistic wall sculptures freedom denialrealistic wall sculpture original discharge supplication fear

In a hurry

realistic wall sculpture original black

Get rid

realistic wall sculpture original incredibly

Search for shelter

realistic wall sculptures back hide

Rebellion and determination

realistic wall sculptures serious


realistic wall sculptures hide


realistic wall sculptures hide

Try to escape

incredible wall sculptures legs hands

Worried, but alive

incredible wall sculptures bronze


sculpture wall Italian sculptor

Desire for freedom

incredible wall sculptures supplication bust


incredible wall sculptures body parts man

Eternal battle

Hide incredible wall sculptures man man

incredible wall sculptures hide

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