Living Room Wall Color – Such As Finding You The Maroon?

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living room wall color Maroon beige Brown interior design

Living room wall color – 15 mesmerizing Maroon living room

Red is a wonderful, dramatic shading. She is also recognized as the shading of the passion. Many are also very well known and widely used their variations. It is for example to Burgundy and maroon.

All of these nuances are strong, promotional, warm and exciting. That’s why they are among others also transported dining rooms in use, where they promote the appetite and the entertainment.

In living rooms, the Maroon in small doses occurs such as such as accent on the wall. But there are also a few exceptions of people who feel with this strong shading in line.

Today we have collected many images of living rooms. These are once again demonstrate how warm shades like chestnut can warm up your space. The 15 examples will show the Nice, warm, passionate and nice character of this shade.

Viewing the images below and tell us what you think about each one. Maybe you will find under all this a favorite.


living room wall color wood Wallcovering chestnut upholstery

An accent wall can be equipped also functionally. In this case here, it serves as an acoustic space optimization. A great bonus, isn’t it? It looks like a work of art, or?  Yes, and it is at the same time super functional. In this context, the piano also acts as a bonus.

Boston living room

living room wall paint color palette chestnut brown wood color

The cool version of sunshine against the accent wall seems to be sufficient for the compensation to the oversized artwork in the room.

Traditional living room in Boston

living room wall color Maroon white beige

This Boston home has a charming character and is the traditional archetype, to which it belongs to. The simple furniture particularly occur before the Dark chestnut wall.

Green country house in spring

living room wall color Maroon wall decoration ideas

O Leary passion has chosen with much the colours in the House. She was on from the beginning of sure that the living room and the library are required in shades from Benjamin Moore. The design also reflects their love for the horses.

As great priorities against the earthy shading take care of box-shaped shelves in Brown and white.

Living room chestnut

modern living room wall paint color palette brown red white

A contemporary facilities required much red and chestnut. The mixture of this with black and white lets the whole thing as a combination work better.

Modern Asian living room

living room wall color chestnut-brown beige brown colour

The color on the wall does not automatically good luck, but at the same time emphasizes all the walls together. Low, neutral furniture and built-in tables that are pisitioniert on the Cha Cha created by hand carpet. (according to

New York eclectic living room

modern living room walls Paint wall color Maroon curtain ideas

Here, we have to do living room with a warm and inviting Scarsdale. The color palettes complement each other. Note you still, as comfortable and inviting seating area looks.

Town and country

modern living room walls Paint wall color Maroon Blau color accents

The chestnut-shaped walls make this New York apartment very warm and inviting look. The blue accents here and there all the more interesting.

Traditional living room with animal patterns

living room wall color chestnut-brown beige stone wall wooden floor leather sofa

There something you don’t like in this picture? The living room is obviously addictive and brings everyone to turn their heads.

Living room furniture

living room sofa wall color chestnut-brown corner sofa in beige cushion light green

In the space of this size you can afford, run the walls in rich shades. These here are by Morris & co. As long as to mate with other bright shaded elements permits, such as carpets, ceilings and fireplaces, it looks just great.

Laura Ashley suite in matching shades of red was supplemented by ample purple sofas. It looks luxurious and inviting.

Living room in chestnut

modern living room walls Paint wall color Maroon

Mason butts has created this wonderful design in a contemporary living room. It is very elegant and represents a great example of a beautiful room.

Chestnut-shaped living room idea

living room design wall color chestnut-brown color palette white color accents

Here they are paired, black seats with great floor lamp. Can something appear as bold in a living room? The Dark chestnut wall says it all…

Ozhan living room

modern living room accent wall paint wall color Maroon white

There are different variations of the red color. They are great for the accent walls. The pairing with white is a further great Herangehesnweise. It looks normal, but works beautifully.

Brian Patrick Flynn living room

living room wall color Maroon ceiling color wallpaper pattern

Vintage modern objects, which they found in the living room, such as benches, chairs and a coffee table are with traditional furniture, combines about a couch. So, reaching a fresh, youthful look.

Living living room

living design wall color Maroon wallpaper stripe pattern

A vibrant wallpaper brings a classic running image to a whole new level. The color was then taken on the cushions and carpet patterns. Neutral cushioning protects the whole look too expensive. The olive curtains provide for glamour.

Have our samples today enjoyed? Would you use because at home somewhere these ideas or their variations with him on occasion?

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