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modern wall paint of Fürs home blue partition shelves open

Modern wall color for the home

Today we have our article about the colours for the wall according to different colors divided. Find your favorite color and follow our tips to achieve the best results.

Red color for the wall

modern wall paint of Fürs home red gleaming letter living room

Start small and try the effect of a red color by attaching a lamp or a simple piece of furniture, or even a pillow. Then you try, how they will act as a background before a shelf for collectibles, where you want to put something out.

In a cottage by the sea, you could combine red with blue and white for a nautical look. Still, you could try out the combined effect of raspberry pink with Pastelnuancen.

Use the dark tones in the traditional rooms and chalky red rural houses. That red stimulates appetite, so you use it in the kitchen and the dining room, to sweeten your entertainment.Try out red ferns in their home office and enjoy their beautiful impact on your productivity.

Blue color for the wall

modern wall paint of Fürs home bedroom Blau four-poster bed

A very popular colour is blue. But these must be necessarily combined in the Interior with a sensual object oriented from heat. Consider just the shade of blue that you want to use. Aqua, turquoise, cobalt are cool. Denim and slate are the warmer versions.You could install space schauendem the blue one in the South, which is really hot in the summer. The temperature there will be slightly cooler. Verwitterertes sheet metal, Terra cotta and brick are good nuances to the blue color red. You can also combine it with dark brown furniture and contribute to a deeper and more abundant appearance.

Green as the color for the wall

modern wall paint of Fürs grass green home bathroom bathtub curtains

As well as white, black and Brown, the green colour can be combined with an any shadow cation. Viewing just the nature! There is the green color found anywhere! If you no longer continue with the available colors, then this is probably the right choice. How about a green input, Sun terrace, or hallway?Use Spring Green in a room with a small window or scared views. It’s a cool color, so it fits beautifully in warm rooms.You can install placed wide apart furniture by the green color together.The owners of apartments with an open apartment plan know this combination ability to appreciate good.You could work with a main nuance on the wall and the large pieces and with other shades for stronger accents.

Orange as the color for the wall

modern wall colour of Fürs home bright orange built-in fire wall mirror

Orange brings energy into space. Provide them with patterns and let them work. Do you have soft furniture? Decide for graphic pattern to emphasize the strong character of the colour.It’s still a distinctive color, which will emphasize an accent piece wonderfully. She can be wonderful as a background for a shelf with collectibles or as a drapery at the window with a beautiful view.You could use orange in rooms, where you need to promote the Act. That could be about the living room or the kitchen.

Orange can be best with dark furniture and wooden floors combine. The light will reach not the sufficient contrast. In his lighter symptoms, Orange will work wonderfully in dark rooms.

Purple color for the wall

modern wall paint of Fürs home purple bedroom feminine design

This color can be described as a child of the dark red and cool blue. In a context she can be soft and sweet, and the other – overwhelming. Not for nothing one has long time associated with royalty this shade, because it bears really an aristocratic aura.You could add rigor to do so. You can do this best by luxurious, gleaming and magnificent fabrics such as velvet, silk, suede and chenille.The Lilas, which tend to the red, feel warmer. You can combine them with colors from the cold area such as blue and green.Blue Lilac can be paired wonderfully with orange or yellow.

Through a few accent pieces in black, reinforce the glamour-rich and romantic side of des Lilas.

Neutral color for the wall

modern wall paint of Fürs home dining room furniture chandelier white

With the neutrals, to live simply. Metallic surfaces and mirrors provide a shimmering effect and much deep in the area by their almost mini chromatic color schemes. You can increase the effect of accent pieces several times by giving a central role the colors.You can contribute through Visual and customizable textures in a neutrally painted room to a Visual focus by a well-placed piece of color.You can use soft, cuddly pillows, shaggy rugs or woven baskets.

Provide a playful effect due to oversized pieces, framed pieces. Create drama by cool colors in your L’azienda!

Which is your favorite color, and how would you deal with this?

Dark blue walls are cold in this modern living room modern wall paint of Fürs home blue cold effect glamorous furniture Warm ambience and yellow walls – peculiar arc lamp modern wall paint of Fürs home yellow arc lamps pictures red classical design in the Bedroom – chic color scheme modern wall paint of Fürs home Orange bedroom table lamp

Feminine furnishings in the bedroom – pink design

modern wall paint of Fürs home pink bedroom pictures table lamp

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