Natural Stone Wall In The Garden Or At Home?

stone walls In the garden Hoch design

The Mission of ‘Stone wall’ at home

Natural stone wall at home? Suppose the idea you like super and let so nothing of the realization of this follow up. But here I must reassure you immediately, because it is much easier than most people suspect.

While you are technically gifted, you need not necessarily foreign to professional help.

Appropriate basis for the natural stone wall

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The end result in the design of the stone wall depends not so much by the quality of laying out themselves, but from the appropriate base. It must be fixed and be processed according to all rules, so that the stones it can stop himself well. Ask the appropriate tools in the business. The basic spread quite evenly. You should inform exactly at what time you should apply exactly the natural stones. If you don’t, it will fall apart.

Gluing of natural stone at the wall

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No way at this point to make compromises with the strength of the adhesive. It must be also a kind that works pretty fast, yes actually immediately. Thus a 100% achieved perfect results, the meter should be attached at the back of the natural stone. If you do this, the stones will keep on the first press to the wall. You will be glued to all points.

So that you are sure that you can achieve wonderful results, you could take glue of the type which is used in swimming pools to use. Including those for external facades is very fitting.

Attach the parts of the stone wall goes from the bottom up. By slightly pushing and a mallet, putting the pieces of the stone wall to the correct position.

The appropriate temperature

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Not for the natural stone wall, but for all wall projects it is essential to work with the best possible temperature. The work to be done best in an atmosphere between 5 and 25 degrees. So the glue will dry slowly and thus also equally. If we proceed now, you will reach a uniform pattern.

Sticking a stone wall as a fireplace

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The project with the stone wall as a fireplace is a separate thing. Here, you must observe the same statement as above. But we have a further tip for you. You should attach to best the natural stone wall with adhesive for installation. At this point is because both the ability to instant glue very important, as also the elasticity.

Edit the joints in the stone wall

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Many people logically wonder: when is the right time with the editing of the joints to begin? Our answer to this is: If the adhesive has developed its srärkste effect. This happens approximately 24 hours after the. The exact time depends on the temperature of the room.

The mixture for the joints is prepared in a container with water. So as to obtain even better results, you should use preferably an electric device for mixing.

The country house style bedrooms

natural stone wall decoration bedroom bed

All the trouble in the processing of joints worth it several times. Among other things, the antibacterial effect is noteworthy. To avoid the formation of mold. The mix, bringing in the natural stone wall to the usage, must be the same that you would use on a facade out there. She will resist including editing with budgetary resources and the effect of micro-organisms.

Christmas and rustic at the same time – built-in fireplace

bricks wall decoration Christmas decoration

Staircase with floating stairs stone wall decoration stair wood

Smooth wood step treads

stone walls In the garden steps wood staircase

Vintage, feminine bedroom

stone wall cottage-style bedroom beds rustic

Mountain hut in the mountains

masonry stone wall decoration rustic design

Kitchen with style

masonry stone wall decoration hanging lamps

Highly modern and ergonomically designed living room

masonry wall design aesthetically pleasing

Built-in fire on a stone wallbricks stone wall fireplace

Extensive interior landscape in a rural environment

masonry stone wall decoration rural country house

Virtually represented project

masonry wall design round lamps

Wooden beams and skylights bring natural feeling

bricks natural stone roof window wall decoration living room

Grey colour scheme adds to extra rural neutrality

bricks stone wall design white beams

Minimalism and country house style in a

masonry stone wall decoration dining room

A designed theme

bricks stone wall decoration fire artificial

Not because strong Brown nuances–why?

virtually represented bricks wall decoration

Warm wood design with diverse textures

natural stone wall design flooring wood