Paint Your Life 40 Combinations Of Wall Colors – Colorful!

combinations of wall colors floor lamp Chair

Color palettes and color schemes to suit all tastes

What is the fastest way to do a redesign at home? Put the best on the colors that match your style of living, living and lifestyle! There’s amazing combinations of wall colors for you that can help you in choosing

Empire. Luminous. Ingenious. The colour combinations here are intended to acquire suitable and elegant for your apartment. Harmonious color palettes can be found here.

We have compiled this inspiring combinations of wall colors to show you how you can represent your unique style of living. Choose your favorite colors and beautify the environment.

Blue-yellow, green-Orange, pink and blue are some of the most suitable colour combinations for the interior design.

Combinations of wall colors

combinations of wall colors gray/green

If you think about possible combinations, there are many variations you can apply. Some are very traditional, very creamy and pale green. The others are modern – modern wall colors can be combined well with designer furniture. Determined in the local paint store you will find a variety of different colors. The selected combinations are important for the whole look, flair and feeling, which you want to create at home.

Many books represent the color theory and the color psychology. The most popular color combination is green and Red

Dark colors

combinations of wall colors dark green wall

The dark colors are well known in the Victorian style, popular combination of wall colors. Care and attention you should apply them at home. Although the colors are dark, it should be interesting and appropriately connected. The Burgundy and gray is an excellent example of bold dark color palette. The end result is bright and saturated. A silk paint or half-glossy nuance reflects light. Try you dark with bright colors for to connect to achieve a contrast. Yet the dark color palettes create great, dramatic impression. Royal Blue with white fits perfectly into the concept.

Red is a popular color for dining rooms and restaurants. Red creates good mood and increases appetite. But, it is inappropriate to use red as a bedroom wall color.

Bright colors

combinations of bold wall colors stool table lamp

The bright colours lend a modern stroke a sunny room. Perfect accents for example reach with a white background and bright combinations of yellow and blue stripes. In this way, add not only color, but designed the whole wall.

Pastel colors

combinations fresh pastel wall colors teal

In a dark room, where you need more light, the bright colors are recommended. This means but to choose not retro shades like beige or creamy.

Nursery decoration – wall decals

combinations of wall colors baby room blue

Bold blue and green wall colors

combinations wall paints Blau Chavron

combinations of wall colors designer completed blue sofa with yellow cushions

Bright pastel colors

combinations wall mirror mantel wall paint living room

The color scheme combinations of wall colors dark red

Eclectic combined plates and textures

combinations of wall colors, eclectic wooden

Fascinating work corner

combinations of wall colors color theory

Cute purple – feminine creation

combinations of wall colors fresh hell

Grass green combined with artful wall installation

combinations of wall colors green upholstered bed

Masculine, monochromatic colour scheme

combinations of wall colors shine hanging lamp

Fresh green with black vertical stripes

combinations black wall color light green

Pale pastel green

combinations of wall colors light green

Dramatic color scheme in the classic style

combinations Chair Orange wall paint classic motifs

Wall decals – bird cages

wall decals wall colors combinations bird cages

Minimalist, colored bedroom wall

combinations of wall colors head of Red

Turquoise wall paint in the living room

combinations white lamp shade wall color bright blue

Dark purple as the main color

combinations of wall colors purple colors daybed

Vintage beauty in pink

combinations of wall colours purple pink Chair

Bedroom wall – freshly painted bedside table

combinations opulent interior wall colors nightstand

Olive green wall decoration combined with pink ceiling

combinations of wall colors olive green fireplace

combinations of wall colors table decorations

Symmetry in the living room – bright orange wall color

combinations of wall colors Orange

Comfortable, colored dining room whet the appetite an

combinations of wall colors Orange blanket

Happy diamond shapes in pastel colors in the baby’s room

combinations of wall colors diamonds stained bedroom

Variety of colours in the vintage home

combinations kitchen dining room wall colors pink red yellow

Industrial motifs and patterns

industrial combinations look wall colors pink living room

Nautical theme is here to see

combinations of nautical style wall paints bedroom bed

Black-painted brick wall

combinations of wall colors black flooring

Living and sleeping area in a

combinations jeans wall colors black wall decoration

Contemporary living style  in black-white

combinations black photo frame wall colours black white

Grey and yellow in the retro apartment combinations bedpost red wall paint stripes horizontal grey yellow

Photographed from above

combinations curtains green white wall paint carpet lamp

Table lamp with lamp base in the form of Buddha

combinations Buddha statue wall colors carpet living room

Be nice or leave the room!

combinations railing stairs wall paint classic

Geometrical inspiration for the bedroom

combinations headboard wall colours polka dot bedroom wall