PANTONE Color – 10 Impressive Shades For 2017

Great PANTONE color for your interior design 2017

Do you know already the PANTONE color of the year? You looking for the perfect color palettes for 2017 for your home? It’s greenery – a modern shade of green that acts at the same time gentle, quiet and romantic. But that’s clearly not everyone’s style. The experts at PANTONE are aware. The creative team of Pantone has to offer new nuances, which remain topical in the coming year.

Subdued colours as a general tendency

PANTONE color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas

In General, the colors by 2017 are subdued, full of understated and earthy nuances. Typical examples are cauliflower and hazelnut. You are enriched by primary colors such as blue Lapis and Primrose yellow. They are fresh, romantic, inspired longingly and always of real objects in nature.

We are looking at but now the complete list!

PANTONE color – green cabbage

PANTONE color innendesign

In addition to greenery, kale is the other very significant color according to PANTONE. The first shows a more urban character, is the second shade clearly anchored in nature and carries the longing for the great outdoors in the countryside. The color is based, as the name suggests, on green vegetables – cabbage. We recommend Kale as a background and it can be combined with virtually all current accents and the possible effects are almost infinitely many.

The color is suitable for all seasons, but symbolizes the late summer.

PANTONE color – hazelnut

PANTONE color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas design

This is the most bodenständigste choice of all PANTONE colours. At the same time, she radiates enough heat and brings in the atmosphere of comfort, safety, security. It corresponds to the decoration and interior design of all seasons, but in the spring she will be particularly relevant.

PANTONE color – pink Yarrow

PANTONE color innendesign color palette inside

Want to attract attention, spread tropical and exuberant mood at home, then select pink Yarrow. You need bold accents, this is a true choice. Fit the color especially from the middle of the summer and can provide for mood and variety in the winter season.

PANTONE color greenery

PANTONE color innendesign 2017 trendy ideas design color palette inside

Greenery is the color of the year 2017 according to PANTONE. Here the desire to close to nature and modernity are linked once. A perfect choice for the current trends of urban life, who want to draw from the green zones more health, but also style.

PANTONE color – pink dogwood

PANTONE color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas

Looking for the perfect current color for the children’s room of a girl? This is an appropriate choice with exactly the right aura of innocence. The subtle character is again promoting for relaxation and for creative work. The colour has a special own shine and this distributes the boredom, which also may not be in the children’s room.

Pale dogwood (pink dogwood) is also suitable for other premises and practical for all seasons.

PANTONE color light blue

PANTONE color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas design facility color combination

In addition to pink Yerrow, this is the other of the exotic PANTONE colors of this year. She brings a much more refreshing and cool. You expresses the desire to change and is suitable for all those who have to change a life motto.

The color invites the beautiful, picturesque natural surroundings, wonderful home and is therefore suitable for houses and apartments with fantastic views.

PANTONE color – bright red

PANTONE color innendesign 2017 trendy furnishing ideas

Maybe that’s a color in Pantone, which is closest to the classical music. Their base is red and it ensures vitality, movement, but all filled with sensual heat.

PANTONE color Lapis blue

PANTONE color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas design facility color palette lapis

Energy and power – these are two different aspects of life and they are in Lapis blue – another great PANTONE colour for 2017 with contain. Also a classic choice that year will remain long date.

PANTONE color – Primrose yellow

PANTONE color innendesign new year's trendy ideas design facility

We recommend this shading as ideal for placing accents in a modern environment. She can also serve as background, but in the living room or in the kitchen – where the vitality and power in the long run can be helpful.

PANTONE color Niagara

cool living room paint color modern living room with blue paint color ideas room paint ideas coffee table design

Is the whole color palette too emotional to you? Don’t worry, there’s also a down-to-Earth and very familiar-looking selection under the PANTONE colors for 2017. She is also really chic (like all denim colors actually). Niagara – is the shading. Depending on the usage it can impact, such as the waterfall landscape or easily – as the sky.

The selection of the PANTONE color Institute for 2017 is based on a survey of designers at the New York fashion week. Opinions of journalists and retailers and other fashion-dedicated individuals were also included.

Does this color palette of also your setting for the year 2017?

Cozy sleep next to the beach, surrounded by soft colours

PANTONE color innendesign 2017 trendy ideas new year design setup color palette

Subdued colours that calming effect

Pantone color innendesign new year 2017 trendy ideas design facility color palette inside

Modern color combination with rustic elements

PANTONE color innendesign interior design trend-setting up

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