Plastic Panels Brush – Wall Cladding In A Fresh Color

plastic panels painting wall decoration ideas wall color white

Can you paint plastic panels?

If you intend to renew your wall or ceiling and in a new, fresh color to paint, let to first inform what flush your ceiling or walls are covered. The term “Panels” generally refers to panels made of wood or solid wood and veneer and laminate. These can be much easier to remove. But when it comes to plastic panels, there is the possibility that these take no color. You take the risk anyway and want to delete your plastic panels, there are a few rules to consider.

Make wall panels made of plastic in a new color

plastic panels wood grain wall panels painting

Plastic panels are often wooden and give the room a warm and inviting look. But dirty or worn out look, then they must be replaced surely. In some cases, it is recommended simply to demolish and completely restructure the walls. But of course that proves exhausting and annoying work, you want to like to avoid. And in this case, you want to paint only the panels with color and quickly give your living space a new face.

With color paint over art panels

plastic panels paint wood grain wall panels painting

Plastic panels consist of polystyrene (styrofoam) or hard plastic. The panels made of foamed polystyrene as ceiling panels are suitable and relatively easier to dye. While you can bring normal wall colour in use. Avoid colors with solvents that can damage the surface of the styrofoam. For aesthetic reasons, a painting in white is recommended because the dark shades bring out the gap significantly.

Wall panels entirely made of plastic painted over in white

plastic panels paint Paint wall panels upholstered Chair

Wall panels made of hard plastic are as mentioned above in wood and are often made of melamine. This plastic is unfortunately not so simply paint over themselves and must be processed for the time being. With fine abrasive paper (300-400) you roughen the surface of the panels. Then remove the resulting dust and clean the panels with a damp cloth/sponge or directly with water, completely eliminate dirt and sanding dust. After you have prepared the surface and dry, you can prime the plastic panels. A primer on acrylic base is recommended in this case. Let it dry and then apply a layer of acrylic stained paint with a foam roller. Keep in mind that acrylic paint dries very quickly and is trying to paint the entire surface in a single pass. If necessary, applying a layer to color and then let us know whether you are satisfied with the end result.

Bedroom wall panels in white

plastic panels paint paint paint pastel wall panels

Hard plastic panels

plastic panels painting wall decoration ideas

Hartkunsstoff panels in wood design

plastic panels paint wood grain panels

Wall cladding in wood, but plastic

plastic panels wood grain panels painting

If the old wall panels with colour to be painted over

plastic panels paint wood grain bedroom design

Kunsstoffpaneele sand, clean, Prime and paint with acrylic paint

wall panels painting wood panels clean priming

Enjoy the end result

plastic panels painting modern design interior design ideas

Kunsstoffpaneele in the attic

plastic panels painting attic room set design ideas nursery

Ceiling panels made of hard plastic in white paint over

plastic panels painting ceiling panels white paint

Kunsstoffpaneele in the nursery

plastic panels of the Panel painting nursery

Bedroom wall decoration as new

plastic panels white painting modern bedroom design interior design ideas

With a coat of paint in pink, you reach a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

wall panels wood look wall panels of pink paint romantic bedroom Paint

Gray wall panels in the Home Office

plastic panels painting wall panels grey painting study room design

Intense blue as wall color and ceiling color white

plastic panels painting wall panels Paint wall color blue

Shabby chick style kitchen

plastic panels white paint wood grain wall panels kitchen

Some ground rules for painting of wooden panels apply here as well – look at the video!