Refined Wall Decoration By Shelves

Posted on Dec 21, 2013

refined through shelves wall black color

The search for good places to store objects is an always current growing issue for many people

If you also all possible surfaces with objects are crowded, it’s probably time to look around at home and search for creative ideas for new storage areas.

Most doors are positioned against the wall surface so that much area it remains pretty, which can still be used. So you can place there quite high shelves.

Refined wall decoration by shelves

refined by shelf dining room chandelier wall decoration

In this picture, you can see a single shelf, which offers space for books, vases and baskets.

In the next photo, we see how the multi-stage create shelf space for collections

refined through rustic window wall decoration

This is a perfect furnishing idea for the cases when you have less space above the door.

Other items, which you can place on shelves above the door and can save space, are these PEZ dispensers

refined through shelf cabinet wall design books

Whether you need to decide for one or other object so keep in mind that you must think in these cases to the planning. Depending on how high is the available space, you should use prefabricated or custom-made shelves.

Bring everything in proper place

shelving design idea decoration design

The shelves can be flat panels. In many cases these have however also borders, to protect the items from falling down.

Refined wall decoration by shelves -Interior design ideas, which are keen on security

It is particularly important that you put a wire on the shelves of the passageways. This applies particularly to the regions where earthquakes are likely.

Carefully select the appropriate color

Refined wall decoration with shelves leather armchair Brown Bild

Basically you need to make the following decision: the shelves into the wall to ‘disappear’, or emerge prior to this. In our case, it has decided on the color of the room on the shelves and thus ensures a seamless look.

If you want to achieve the appearance of the image, then you should make but thin the same frame, which divides the shelves, to embrace the entire structure.

Next, we have a rack system, which is darker than the wall

refined wall decoration with shelves leather Office desk

A shelf can be really super functional

murals by shelf divider library

Here we see a wonderful example. The wall here also serves the people as a support area and a library. You can store there very many books.

There is also something charming, how one can achieve the books on the top shelf.

Bring the books to a new level

refined wall decoration by shelving library

Do you have a high room? You can emphasize beautiful visually this advantage through the following Setup idea: floating library. The only thing you need to make sure is that you need to get to them.

A staircase looks too cool on the image like this. If that’s not your style, you can let these other solutions come up. How about with a fold out steps, which can disappear when you’re not needed?

Opt for the right material

refined wall design with shelf Red Wall color

Many people seem to forget that the wooden shelves are by far not the only correct option. Metal can be used very easily in different shapes and sizes. Here you can see a wonderful creation idea, which supports this opinion.

Download the stuff

refined wall decoration by shelf rattan chairs

These consoles are very important, because you will also support the shelf and to contribute, in this way it can support more weight of course. The consoles can be made of metal and wood and are various practical or decorative purposes.

The benefits of these interior design ideas

We have looked at several examples. We come back now to the question, how to best use these shelves?

The first example from the series shows that these shelves provide a wonder method through which you can visually expand the space.

Provide surprises

murals by shelf dining room bird cage refined

Collection of vintage hats provides an exciting connection between the different rooms.

Useful aspects

refined through shelves white wood door wall decoration

In this bathroom they brought the potential of the storage area to the maximum, by it has attached to these shelves on the door

refined through shelves bathroom door wall decoration

It has easy access to the towels if they are housed here.

Dressing room

refined by shelves shoes dressing room wall decoration

By extra shelves can be extended also the space inside of the Cabinet, as you can see there are very beautiful example.


refined design of Wall shelves wood door Setup

The trophies tend to consume valuable space and they can appear on a straight Board picturesquely beautiful. In this case, make sure that each trophy is in good hands.

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