Stone Wall Panels – Do More Nature And Style In Your Home One!

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Arida

Have you ever thought about a stone wall?

Stand on nature and authenticity? Have already asked yourself how you can introduce them into your home. Yes, there are numerous solutions – E.g. through decoration, with panoramic window or photo wallpaper. But today we have a further, relatively inexpensive and fairly simple variant for you. With a stone wall, you can create a unique, natural touch in your home in no time. The good thing about modern stone walls is actually that these consist of stone panels. Long gone are the days of laboriously transported natural stones, then had to be brought to bear on piece by piece on the wall. Even eco-friendly reasons prove quite useful to wall panels.

Panel Piedra Sillarejos

Panelpiedra stone wall panel of Sillarejos

Today we would like to introduce an avant-garde product of said room design – the PanelPiedra stone walls. It’s an innovative addition of decoration and design world. Colours, forms and materials are combined in a high aesthetic manner and comply with the latest trends in interior design. With this stone panels, interior design is really fun.

Stone panels Adobe

Panelpiedra stone wall panel Adobe

Depending on what you at home would create a mood atmosphere, you can opt for the right texture and the proper relief. There is nothing, there is no natural stone, brick, River stone, – Kachel-, lime stone look. Everything you could need. Look and you will find it.

Panel Piedra Liébana

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Liébana

What distinguishes the stone wall PanelPiedra?

Each panel consists of two layers. The first is approx. 4mm thin and is made from marble dust. The second is made of polyurethane and has a high density. This compilation of the Panel ensures a high resistance and durability. Such stone walls not only for the Interior, but also for outdoor use are very to recommend. They are to also to be moisture-resistant and have a very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Stone panels Mamposteria Renacimiento

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Mamposteria Renacimiento

Some of the most important advantages of PanelPiedra:

good sound insulation
Fire protection class B2
robust and corrosion-resistant
very easy
easy mounting
No maintenance
perfect heat insulation
easy to transport

Panel Piedra dreams in purple

Panelpiedra stone wall panel of dreams purple

Do you have an idea what appearance or texture in your living room would fit? Or you would rather set up your kitchen in the industrial style, and you need a cool look of brick for the walls? Stone walls are suitable for every room and every outdoor. Everything just depends on your taste. What would you choose?

Stone panels in tile look

stone wall Panelpiedra brick optics

Panel Piedra – Laja Fina optics

stone wall Panelpiedra Laja Fina optics

Stone wall Laja Gallega

stone wall Panelpiedra Laja Gallega optics

Panel Baztan

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Baztán

Caravista white bricks optics

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Caravista white bricks

Stone Panel Pizarra

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Pizarra

Panel Pizarra Alpes

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Pizarra Alpes

Pizarra Andes

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel of Pizarra Andes

Panel Pizarra MONTBLANC

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Pizarra MONTBLANC

Stone Panel Pizarra Nepal

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel Pizarra Nepal

Panel of Sillares

stone wall Panelpiedra Panel of Sillares

Panel SILLAR Picado

stone panel wall Panelpiedra SILLAR Picado

Stone panels antique bricks

stone wall Panelpiedra stone panels old brick

Stone panels Lastra

stone wall Panelpiedra stone panels Lastra