Stylish Wall Mirror For Your Interior Design

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stylish wall mirror rectangular elegant

Stylish wall mirror for your interior design

Do you have a list of things you need for your home? Here I mean not the ‘wish list’, which roughly include vases, plants and other decoration, but rather I think of practical things without which you simply can’t live. I personally arrange these in order of importance for each redesign and search for beautiful and at the same time affordable variants.

Today’s comes to one important thing from this list, and namely to the mirror. These were divided mainly according to purpose and space for use and then it goes to questions of style. Hopefully you’ll find right here. I personally have used simply for years the old piece, until I have something incorrectly found matching.

Wall mirror with metal frame

We now begin our tour of a few slender metal findings. Go for a crisp and clear look in your room? How about a linear piece with metal frame? How about the below pieces from West Elm? While it can be hung vertically as well as horizontally.

Have you thought of the possibility to attach two mirrors, side by side?

Below you can see a possibility of the company of CB2 to

stylish wall mirror twin set

Through the aluminum frame, this piece writes itself perfectly in modern room, don’t you find?

Do you want to achieve not a more elegant look with a touch of industrial style? As a design below shows the mirrors from Pottery Barn.

The sleek appearance and the chrome surface give the room its flair

stylish wall mirror straw woven boxes and basket

Not for nothing is here to a super lot sold piece.

The next example shows also a horizontal orientation.

It is here the Kensington wide pivot mirrors from Pottery Barn

stylish wall mirror with raw white wood frame

In the modern world, many people in brass are in love. I belong to this group. Here, one can speak in this regard by a large brass comeback.

I picked out an extra stylish example of the CB2 brand for you

stylish wall mirror round Goldglänzend

Wall mirror with wooden frame

Below is a mirror of the West Elmbrand again. Darkness meets the brightness level in this stylish frame.

You can hang the mirror on both vertically and horizontally

stylish wall mirror with Chevron-patterned frame

In the next illustration, we see the same idea of the same brand, but in a different frame.

This piece can work well both in classic and modern environments, such as a beach hotel

stylish wall mirror fine checkered in ochre

The piece shown in the lower figure is from CB2 brand and has four corners

stylish wall mirror of oval shape In the top floor

But provided with mirror surface has a different frame, which gives this a round appearance. After one has seen these mirrors, you can’t forget him! Isn’t it?

A series of three mirrors would you hang over your plumbing? Anyway, is this an impressive solution, right?

Generous and elegant

stylish wall mirror over a large area with frame from dark wood

What’s a dramatically large mirror on a prominent place? Such a place would be the fireplace. Greater is the mirror, the room appear more spacious.

In the space below, you can see the perfect combination from this mystical furniture and greenery. [according to Cary Bernstein architect]

stylish wall mirror above the fireplace

How do you find this idea: depending on a mirror on both sides of the bed!

In the figure below the increase of the space is not to overlook

stylish wall mirror leather bed bench in black

It is also quite handy, if one is ready in the morning for the day. [limited according to Michael Abrams]

The orange paint provides the unique and beautiful appearance of the mirror in the next figure. It’s again an example of the company CB2. This shows among other things a constructed frame. Insert in these otherwise through

White and black has managed more than equipped room

stylish wall mirror shower curtain with stylized flowers

An exactly glittering mirror follows in the next figure. Here is a rough hewn picture frame with a wonderful painting.

Elegant and down-to-Earth at the same time. The idea comes from the company West Elm

stylish wall mirror of wider framework in snow white

Wall mirror with a spirited appearance

Now we have a series of wall mirrors, which bring the rooms to a completely new level. These mirrors from Venice are unique.

But about the luxurious tiles here, they look just fabulous. [according to Laura U interior design]

Fligranen stylish wall mirror ornaments crystal chandelier

Turn on the light! A little additional light is welcome in most rooms, especially if you want to fit in the atmosphere for various moods and situations.

This collection comes from majestic mirror & frame: [according to Edgewater Design]

stylish wall mirror with illumination

The vertical cabinets makes this mirror pair look quite striking [according to Flüff]

stylish Wandspiegelmodernes design on marble

Never underestimate the value of the items with a double function.

Here we have a Geschirrorganizer sided with surface of the mirror with frame made of bronze

stylish wall mirror metal frame white wood planks

The beveled glass is a different high light. However, we can not deny the practical function of the mirror. You can see them immediately to the hook and on the shelf with rail.

The last example is a “mirror”, which was designed with the help of the tiles. These determine the mirror area. In my opinion, this is a real work of art. [according to Murphy & co. Design]

Now, you should sit back and not even alone to consider how actually the mirror of your dreams looks. Where would this find in your House? He looks like one of the wall mirror here?

stylish wall mirror between the marble tiles

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