Wall Color Black: 59 Examples Of Successful Interior Design

wall color black home design ideas Asch wart Dresser Sconce

Wall color black: Black walls look beautiful

Some decades ago, the black wall decoration at best, was deemed a very rebellious decision. Nowadays, this color in the eyes of many interior designers and home residents is one of the most elegant solutions, which you can imagine. However, not many are successful designs with black wall decoration. For this reason, this type of design is very daring. We want to discourage you in any case. Viewing multiple, particularly successful examples before the beginning of the work process however. So you make probably the best decision within the own designs.

You create an accent wall in black in the nursery wall color black-

black paint nursery set up carpet red accents

Black combined with brick wall and create an eye-catcher in the interior design

black brick wall accent wall Felletppich dining area wall color

Bring on the living room walls in black

wall color black living room furniture ideas plants mantel chandelier red sofa

Fashion luxurious living room with black walls

wall color black living room furniture ideas dining area pendant elegant carpet

Black bathroom has character

black wall paint Badewzimmer Heller floor mirror

Light wood

Do you want to come the beautiful light wood? Then choosing wall color black. They are namely then wonderful. As you can see, the reached look is super modern and effective.

Wooden modules on the black wall of the living room

wall black wall wooden furniture of open living plan

Dark metallic shades

Some people like the elegance in black, but deterred by the cold and darkness, which emits this color feel. Avoid this effect by the selection of metallic nuances. If the room is properly lit, it looks very inviting.

Combine with not very bright red

Black can be wonderfully combined with certain shades of red. These may be not too flashy. The pastel shades of this shade would be suitable. The result is very elegant and often elegant and luxurious.

Red chest of drawers is wonderful on the black wall

wall colour black red chest of drawers storage baskets plant

Classic white

Walls in black colour can be combined naturally with white. Of course, this color duo is classic! It must be a monochrome palette while not necessarily. Also a third shade, as blue as can dominate in the room. These can be used on some of the walls, change to black wall design. Alternatively, blue can be a great accent by a piece of furniture.

Living room in black and white looks stylish and modern

black paint living room set white furniture window

Make the white sofa in front of the black living room wall

wall color black white sofa coloured cushion

Black is suitable as a wall color in the bathroom

black paint bathroom set up white floor

Black wall design as a background for green houseplants

Are plants important for you in your interior design? Then it is probably important that they are well above. The white walls are a good choice. See also the examples with black wall decoration, which green house plants are presented. Such a combination is relaxing for the viewer in many cases.

Decorate the black wall

black wall paint interior design ideas kitchen plants breakfast corner

Texture in black

And how it looks with the complete wall decoration in black ? It can be also very fitting in the one or other setting. Ensure by alternating textures and nuances for that boredom is driven out of the room.

A male character give black walls and gray floor bathroom

black bathroom wall color ideas shower

Make something lively the Black Interior design with colorful accents and mirror surfaces

black wall paint interior design ideas bedroom colored bedding flowers mirror surfaces

Combine with yellow

Do you have the feeling that you distribute completely through the wall decoration in black light out of the room? Here we have some suitable examples for those who prove just the opposite. Look how nice works out the design with yellow accents. At best, these should be placed on larger pieces of furniture.

Yellow looks gorgeous in a black setting

black paint accent wall yellow sofa bright carpet living room set

Black is very appropriate in a room with many glass walls or in the winter garden

The danger of the dark there is no rooms with glass walls and conservatories. The beautiful natural lighting can be perceived yet beautiful and pleasant.

The mysterious violet

Some Mystic could be equated safely with violet. Through the dark appearance of the black, the attractive character of violet’s more to the fore. If you want to have a room where you want to remove from the reality, this is a suitable solution.

The living room in stylish dark shades set

black paint living room set up purple furniture long curtains

Black and purple are great with each other in combination

wall color black purple sofa living room furniture ideas lighting

Mirror elements

In rooms with black wall decoration, the mirror and mirror elements are always mandatory. You brighten up the room and emphasize the elegant character of the black walls, no matter which the selected nuance is dominant there.

Ensure good lighting in the black bathroom

wall color black floor tiles pendant luminaires shower

Black accent wall in the white bedroom

black paint of minimalist bedroom accent wall black carpet floor

Black bedroom with white accents

black paint bedroom Eirnichten wooden texture tiles of failed seat

Golden picture frames and beautiful chandeliers are beautifully on the black wall

black wall color purple carpet of bright bedding bedroom

Black accents bring some style to the rooms

black wall color black accent wall kitchen Island light floor

Spice up the black-and-white interior by a fur rug

black wall color black accent wall of white fur carpet floor stool

On the black wallpaper, the green plant characterized wonderfully

black wall color black wallpaper dining area design plant

Black and gold attractive match

black wall color black gold white ceiling tiles

Blackboard in the kitchen

black paint Blackboard black kitchen island kitchen

Dark walls combine with white linens

black wall color white bedding design ideas bedroom

Black walls and white furnishings

black wall color white furniture dining room set up wooden table lighter carpet

Combine Black kitchen wall with rustic dining table

black wall paint interior design ideas kitchen rustic dining table cool kitchen chairs

Black and white kitchen is classic

black wall paint interior design ideas kitchen white cabinets bright floor

Make bedrooms in dark shades

black wall paint interior design ideas bedroom fur rug black linen floral

black wall paint interior design ideas bedroom luxury bedding

black wall paint interior design ideas bedroom carpets lights

black paint living room accent wall tile wall black white ground

black paint living room-beige carpet light cushion

black paint living room set up ideas corner fireplace wood floor

wall color black bathroom set up plant black bathroom tiles

black paint bathroom set black white decorating

wall color black bathroom Weße accents carpet floor tile bath

wall color black dining room set up red carpet black floor

wall color black white ground white furniture Home Office

wall colour black yellow accents decorating youth rooms

wall color black Jzgendzimmer shelf frame

wall color black nursery closet yellow accents white floor

wall color black bedroom set accent wall elegant carpet

black fur carpet accent wall paint living room set

wall color black black white furniture black carpet wall decoration

wall color black black wall panels cuisine kitchen island

wall color black white furniture living room black accent wall fur carpet

wall color black of white Chair coffee table living room

wall color black white bed stairs glass tables

wall color black white sofa retro furniture

wall color black living room set furniture black red beige rug

wall color black living room furniture ideas sharp accents fur carpet

black wall color bedroom set black accent wall of white floor

wall color black living room furniture ideas red accents

black paint living room black furniture yellow accents fireplace

black paint living room round rug white furniture mirror surfaces

wall color black living room set up fireplace flowers

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