Wall Color Blue – Wall Design Ideas With Blue Shades

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pigeon pigeon blue paint wall pattern wall decoration ideas

Wall color blue – wall design with grey-blue shades

Let’s get some inspiration from the nature, more specifically from the animal world, and we take the beauty of doves under the magnifying glass.  We meet these birds often on the road. They run and fly in close proximity to us, sometimes they steal our fast food out of my hand and annoy us. But have you noticed at some point the grace and the variety of color whose feathers?

Actually, not all representatives of this species are as beautiful as this bird in the photo below. It is believed that pigeons are grey – a boring color, or? Indeed, whose gray is not gray but. The mother has nature kept to shades – grey, blue, turquoise, purple, black, some white… A frenzy of colors inside their feathers.

The impressive variety of colours of nature – be inspired by the Dove

Dove Dove blue inspiration from nature

See Blue is meant in this post a grey-blue colour – a successful combination both grey and blue. But this color mixing can have many variations – grey with blue tint or vice versa (blue with grey color cast), slightly brighter or slightly darker. There is also a variety of ways. You thought of it, that they can be incorporated in the room or wall decoration. What is your opinion about the Wallpaint pigeon blue? It fits to the color palette of your living room or bedroom, perhaps?

Fabric color: Pigeon blue – you coordinate the colours of the wall and the fabrics in the room

Dove blue inspiration color ideas pigeon blue fabric colors

The blue as a shade of blue is the cold colour. They act boldly and soothing and so they create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, they often find space in the bedroom and are used in rooms for relaxation and meditation. The lighter shades of blue make the room appear more spacious. In the darker, you should proceed with caution. You could shrink the space visually, and are more preferred than accent colors.

Pigeon blue color spectrum

color ideas trends 2014 wall color blue shades of blue shades

The blue is often used also as car paint

Dove blue inspiration color ideas creative colour

2014 at Benjamin Moore color trends

color ideas trends 2014 Benjamin Moore color

A combination looks classy and elegant with white

pigeon blue paint color design living room wall decoration ideas

Modern bathroom with wooden flooring and floor-level shower in this harmonious color mixing

bathroom wall tiles wooden floors wall colour blue wall decoration ideas

Living colour – bright blue with gold accents

colour scheme living room ideas light blue wall color blue gold accents

The soothing atmosphere in this bedroom is palpable. The retro accents lend a special charm

pigeon blue wall color bedroom set poster wall decoration ideas

Living room with Kasettendecke in white. The light blue wall color fits perfectly and is great to combine with the upholstered armchairs

colour scheme living room ideas wall color pigeon blue

A harmonious and relaxing bedroom in sought after colour mixing

greyish-blue wall color pigeon blue bedroom color design wall decoration with mirrors

Living room and wall design in different shades of blue

pigeon blue paint living room wall decoration ideas

PANTONE colors determine the color trends in fashion and interior design

color ideas trends 2014 PANTONE color grey Blau wall color blue

Creative wall design with dark blue

creative wall decoration ideas wall color pigeon blue

Bedroom wall color dark grey blue

greyish-blue wall color pigeon blue bedroom color design wall decoration ideas

Here we observe a successful color combination. The blue color of the wall serves as a background for living room furniture in grey

greyish-blue wall color pigeon blue colour scheme living room ideas

Baby room colors for small men

pigeon blue paint baby room design crib wall decoration ideas

Youth rooms in blue shades

pigeon blue paint boy room set up wall decoration ideas

Highly modern design with glossy accents in blue

color ideas modern architecture accents Taubengrau flooring

How to choose wall paint out, tells us this interior designer

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