Wall Color Ideas – Create A Colourful Wall Design

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coloured murals wall colors ideas colorful striped pattern

Wall color ideas for a living room feeling

The spatial effect is greatly influenced by the colors of the room walls and furnishings. That’s definitely for sure, but how to choose the right shades and matching combine them. Of course this depends on the individual preferences of the inhabitants of the House. However, there are some basic principles of the colour scheme, which you should follow.

Each colour has a certain charisma and as the wall color, it gives a corresponding effect throughout the room. Warm colors create a homely atmosphere. Cold colours perfectly insert contrasts and accents. Bright shades visually enlarge the room, dark make a strong impression and thus careful to deal. This is the basis for a successful colour design. Look at the following examples including themselves, which give you a clear idea and draw inspiration from it.

Inspirational wall color ideas for a successful colour design

coloured wall design accent wall in grey optical illusion

You can easily create an optical illusion using wall colours. Unleash your imagination and be playful. Experiment with new colours and patterns. See the picture above. The harmony and the movement are clearly noticeable. The dark grey wall color as background. She is strong and uses contrasts – with the delicate pink shade in the living room couches and beige with the natural shade of the carpet. The floor lamp is there but, to restore the balance. The wood furniture to give a mild heat.

Grey Pink is a classic color combination you can put on that quiet, but they might look even slightly boring. This effect was avoided by the slanted stairs wall in white here. A clever solution, or? Think further in this direction and you ideas are invading creative and colorful murals.

Stripes create – horizontally or vertically?

coloured murals wall paint living room Strip pink horizontal

You can distribute also the boredom with a striped pattern. A wall decoration in vertical color stripes will make your space appear larger. The stripes effect on the width of the room. We recommend a two coloured stripes from a neutral and a strong hue. You can create your own completely original pattern. Here you have artistic freedom.

About the Pink Wall color we have informed you already our professional opinion

Pink Wall color wall design ideas trend color walls painting

Paint the accent wall in a bright color

wall colors ideas living room sunny yellow walls painting

The bright, strong, screaming or bright colours suitable for accents and contrasts. Delete just a wall in such a shade and can be either white, or in a quiet and bright tint the other three walls.

The main colors, with which you can liven up your living room are yellow, red, blue and green. Red is energetic and spirited, yellow is activating and sunny, relaxing and balancing is green, blue is masculine and comforting. Activating their power and create different atmospheres in each room of your home.

Red is excellent as Aklzentfarbe

wall colors ideas living room energetic Red accent wall paint

Blue is cold and deep, but very cosy effect

wall paint ideas living room sofa blue walls painting

Green radiates peace and is the relaxing colour par excellence

wall color green wall design ideas open Wall shelves wall painting

Pastel colours have a subtle and gentle effect. You make look brighter and more spacious the room and stab himself not so much in the eye. That’s why they are very popular as wall colors.

Creative wall design in the style of woman

wall colors ideas creative wall-design images Ottoman

Pastel Green in the living room

coloured murals wall paints walls paint Mint green

Living room wall in lime green

coloured interior design wall decoration wall color green light colours

Purple shades are just highly up-to-date

wall colors ideas living room light purple trend color walls painting

Nursery in purple

wall paint ideas nursery purple violet color walls painting

Vertical stripes and accents

wall paint ideas nursery purple violet stripes trend color

Kids prefer colored – assemble hot and cold colors

wall colors ideas bedroom nursery boys room Hell Blau walls painting

Bright yellow-green wall color in the children’s room

wall paint ideas bedroom Hell Grün walls painting

Reseda green adapts perfectly to the intimate atmosphere in the bedroom

wall paint ideas bedroom green reassuring Entspannennd

Dark red is muted and not screaming

wall paint ideas bedroom Cherry Red Wall decoration

Grey can be well combined with bright colors

wall paint ideas bedroom gray shades

Orange is a color with a warm radiance

wall paint ideas living room Orange signal colour walls painting

Photos: asianpaints

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