Wall Decoration With Bricks For A Rustic Viewpoint

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wall decoration with tiles home office desk

Wall decoration with bricks for a rustic viewpoint

How many times have you seen a film, where the innocent victim is attacked by a sadistic, maniacal serial killer, only to find that the climax of the film is soon to come? You are only halfway through the movie, when the victim in a rundown Mansion is lost, which is similar to a mausoleum. Creepy, isn’t it? It gets worse. He or she is pushed by an aged and dusty Bookshelf. Cobweb, dark lantern light and the tip of a shiny knife close all the victim to a near death. Killer eyes glaze at the moment.

All of a sudden, the wall begins to move. Ah, you wipe your forehead. That was certainly close. There is nothing like a secret Rotary shelving wall library book to save the stop and to allow another 45 minutes for the audience.

How longed I for a sweet escape how you portrayed in the cinema. I could disappear in my own world and find shelter and rest for a beautiful moment. Reality check. Few are the houses, which show a sales point like that. Many are the houses, however, which have a secret wall, just waiting to be exhibited, touched and stared at.

The revelation begins now. We can make out the brick walls of our House and learn the tragic novel of a secret wall. The authenticity will give a complete renewal of character to our homes and can glaze our eyes with the capture of beauty.

Elegant living room with brick walls

wall decoration with tiles living room carpet round black white

But without careful and proper management can have a mess of crumbled mortar and brick, at the touch of your finger and this admiring patrons disappear.

Rustic touch shows this interior design

wall decoration with tiles cozy soft carpet glass table

Step 1Before you view your entire wall, you must check to see whether it is worthy a well-known architecture element for the discovery. So you puncture a small hole in the wall first. Should you first a better understanding if your brick is a showstopper or not.

Cozy bedroom design – brick wall behind the bed

wall decoration with tiles bedroom comforters

Step 2With the demolition of your wall, there will be enough messy, but once you hit the brick, it is just bad. Depending on how long the bricks have been sealed, or how much there is decay or deposits, you will distribute a lot of dust. Pull the fire alarm dust who’s not nourishing resembling magic pixie dust of our dreams, and your table, chairs, clear away all that you evakuiren the room.

Step 3Before you get happy sledge hammer, you must ensure that there are no electrical wires or any other lines that could cause your project to an immediate stop.  But the security is first and foremost, and if you have doubts about the procedure, consult a specialist. For all other inquiries, necessarily take your safety glasses.

Vintage living room furnishings – romantic wall lamps

wall decoration with tiles chest of drawers vintage wood wall lamps

Step 4Carefully tear down the walls. How curious look use rule, you can damage the bricks below. The plaster or plasterboard would be put on maybe of four reasons, if you want to dispose this or if you following reuse it for another project.

Extravagant urban room Setup

wall decoration with tiles dawn wood flooring

While the brick wall of your brick house can be nice, remember that this is a wall. It bears the weight of the ceiling and other components of your House and Foundation so make a small mishap and you compromise with the stability of your wall.

Step 5The mountains of waste and scrap may be a bit overwhelming, but you are hours away from the premiere of your secret wall.

Contemporary living room – ceiling-to-ceiling Windows

wall decoration with tiles modern rustic chest of drawers table

Dining area and billiard room combines in one

wall decoration with tiles modern rustic dining room

A chemical solution of hydrochloric acid will be the most accurate and most effective approach to removing the dirt and mold, but you will need these goggles again before you can continue. While you’re at it, grab a pair of mid-length gloves, a stiff wire brush, a bucket with clean water and hopefully they had sleep one good night. Scrub. Rinse. Scrub. Rinse. Follow this ritual, until the wall cinema quality.

Modern, elegant décor in the apartment

wall decoration with tiles leather sofa Brown table lamp

Chromatic colours, textures and surfaces in the living room

wall decoration with tiles velvet sofa seat built-in fire

This should be much of the problem solve, but in some cases that need brick a little extra TLC. Once the wall is dry, you can seal them with a special Mauerwerkdichtmasse which you can find at your local hardware store. After the application of two layers with a brush, so as to allow you the time of drying and airing the room with fresh air, you can return your room furniture and set up the House.

The stage is set. Of the House of cinema, to homework and family meetings, your brick wall to help you there. Enjoy this roten-carpet moment!

Urban furnishings in the living room

wall decoration with tiles comfortable urban establishment

Cosy reading corner in the apartment – large glass walls

wall decoration with tiles Sun objectively comfortably stylish

Set up home office design with style

wall decoration with tiles Home Office red chair

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