Wall Decoration With Images – Clever Decorating Tips And Wall Decoration Ideas

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Wall decoration with images – tricks and tweaks

New murals you can change quickly and efficiently rooms, without having to make much money in the hand.

Best at eye level on the wall hanging pictures or posters. The average eye level height of a people lies at about 1.60 meters, so two-thirds of the poster or image should be located below and one-third above this altitude. So that just depends on the framed poster or picture, two hooks from behind should be attached to the frame. Finally connect with a slightly longer cord and hit a snag at the desired height on the wall. Now hang the picture with the cord on the hook and the focus given by moving the image. The picture hangs so perfectly straight – no water scale. Pictures should hang directly on the window. Due to long-term exposure they fade over time. Who wants to hang his photos as a poster printed on the wall, should providers how PosterXXL accessoffered by a lightfast print. So the personal image remains longer beautiful and can be installed without problems also in the vicinity of the window.

Creative wall-design in bedroom

murals with images of decorating tips and wall decoration ideas

Photo walls have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the various picture frames are on a large wall numerous photos grouped together and hung up. Such a project should either correspond to a similar style or have a common color the different frames. Also, you should not mix coloured and black and white photos. Tip: The pictures before attaching to the wall be sure Pro currently on the floor and set the position of each image.

When installing central pictures on the wall you must orient yourself to the rest of the space. Sometimes it acts more harmonious if the upper edge of the image at the same height as the door frame is. A single large image on the wall should necessarily be coordinated with the location of key pieces of furniture, such as sofa or dining table. To Hung several pictures on a wall, it works better when hanging larger pictures on the smaller and dark over bright images are arranged.

Ideas for a modern wall decoration with images

ideas for murals with images of wall decoration ideas

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Figure 1 – Flickr pictures on my wall Maja Dumat CC BY 2.0 certain rights reserved

Image 2 – Flickr rooms at the familotel amiamo Zell am see Thomas Pompernigg CC BY-SA 2.0, some rights reserved

Figure 3 – Flickr vacation in Valencia (Spain) Andreas Wieser CC BY 2.0 certain rights reserved

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