Wall Design – Ideas For A Beautiful Wall Decoration

wall design dark green wall color green sofa plants

So choose the right shades for your wall design

You plan to paint your home soon? When was the last wall line here? Do you still remember? Surely you had to think of so many things, such as furniture, curtains and lighting, etc.  Everything must be very well advised, because ultimately make a choice that will determine the mood in your home for a very long time. Even specialists find it hard every time when it comes to a new project. So, everyone would need some help losing the priorities from the eye.

Soft wall decoration in the luxurious bedroom

wall design bedroom luxurious interior soft wall color

Fresh dining room in light shades

elegant wall decoration Esszimmeer wall ideas

Think of the emotions that bring all colors!

We must do much work in a busy and stressful everyday life. We all have the need to come back in an apartment that feels like a real home, don’t we? The colours are of fundamental importance in this respect. Before you read any studies on the psychology of colors, you should first consider what suits your human nature. Forget not the wishes of other fellow human beings and roommate. Then compare this feeling with the typical emotions, bring the nuances with it. The ideal compromise would be the most appropriate choice in your wall design.

Pink traces for a female character

wall design ideas bedroom female Designr OSA wall color

Emotions and colors

One must not forget that the impact of any color brings different emotions. These are partly individually, but there are also some general trends. Below is the main trends, what message is the wall design through the selection of one or another color with it.

-Blue will make sure that you feel relaxed; You can compare the feeling with the prospect of a sea and sky;

Light blue for the bedroom walls

wall design ideas bedroom wall decoration light blue

Combine blue walls and white furnishings

wall design blue Wanfarbe boy white room

-Cream is a gentle color; If you would choose your wall ideas for this color, you love, would express care and absolute devotion;

Small living room, which is still very fresh

wall design living room wall decoration cream fresh

-Grey is strict, yet decided and male; The apartment is a little too official and business-like look.  This election is so very fitting for a workroom.

Combine grey walls and dark blue sofa

wall design ideas grey living room sofa blue

-Yellow is sunny and warm; So a wall design will make sure that you have at home always something of the summer and its heat;

Yellow walls and wooden floor correspond well with each other

wall ideas bedroom walls shapes yellow flowers

Emphasize the bright yellow wall color with darker curtains

wall ideas living room wall decoration cream fireplace cushion

-Green is the nuance of nature and growing new life; You can recover very quickly from fatigue and exhaustion.

Create a fresh bedroom design

wall ideas bedroom wall decoration light green fresh gently

-By beige, you behave neutrally; This nuance is suitable for people who have a pronounced need for security.

Beige is beautiful on the living room walls

wall design living room cream paint plants

-Purple is associated with the spring and the beauty of the flowers. But associated is thus also the power and control.

Paint the wall behind the bed in the bedroom in dark purple

bedroom wall ideas purple hearth plants

Mild shades in light pink

wall ideas bedroom purple pastel nuances style

Wall ideas with red are very brave; Thus it brings out the force of the fire, the passion and the strong emotions; Not as a main nuances, then you should consider red as an accent in consideration;

The Red accent wall gives a special attractive look living room

wall ideas small living room Red Wall color of white fur carpet

Not too hastily have it with attaching the color

Wear any color before you are not absolutely sure what effect you want to achieve in the apartment. Should it seem fresh or more dominant? Should the color represent the main message or more represent a background for other great wall ideas?

Spice up the white ambiance by colored ornaments

wall design ideas simple white walls

Wall ideas for dark rooms

Their choice must be adapted also to amount of light, which flows into the space. Many people opt for the wall ideas in dark rooms for very bright shades. They hope thereby to make everything appear brighter and brighter. There are also many other refreshing nuances. Sometimes it helps to like a painter, to bring a little bit of a hint, to remove and to work on the whole. Be also warned that most colors on the wall look darker than in the patterns.

Yellow walls, a leather sofa and a stone wall combine wonderfully in this living room

wall ideas living room plants leather sofas

Red and blue create a wonderful contrast in the room

Wall ideas living room red dark blue carpet Wanda

The light is of importance

Here, we mean the fact whether or not a space of light is flooded. It comes to the manner, how the Sun’s rays fall. It is also the action of objects inside the. Here we want to point out also that there are colors and finishes, which could give a mirror effect. This could expand the space visually. Important requirement is that the wall is absolutely smooth. Because smooth colors and finishes, you can see even the smallest Mäkel.

Red accent wall in the living room

wall ideas living room Red accent wall of Weßes sofa

Light blue wall and brick wall in a beautiful combination with each other

wall design light blue brick wall bedroom set

Dark walls are elegant

wall design ideas black wall paint, attractive wooden floor

Choosing often Fürs nursery pink, when it comes to a girl’s room

wall ideas nursery walls design light pink white furnishings

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