Walls Design With Vertical Mini Gardens With Succulents

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walls shape round planters flat Succulents

Vertical mini gardens, with which you can make your walls

To have, which is also green and alive, but almost everyone wants to have a fancy wall decoration at home or? Particularly well are Succulents, herbs and botanical suitable here. All these plants are robust and easy to care for and can plant themselves almost everywhere. They love especially sand and pebbles and need very little water to thrive. Kim Fisher into consideration had drawn exactly these properties as it has designed these beautiful planters that look almost like pictures on the wall. Fishing deals since the year 2000 with decoration and design with plants as well as creative consultancy. You knows very well in these areas and has experimented much. She sold their creative plant containers, which are equipped with an aluminium frame and about 55 cm wide in her Etsy Shop. The send round containers are quite shallow and are filled with pebbles and sand. They are suitable for each room and the outdoor areas.

So a round wall decoration costs about €190 and can be ordered easily

walls figures round aluminum plant container

You can add also Moss in the plants vascular

walls figures round container succulent gravel stones

But no limits are your imagination and also themselves very creative, you can make your walls. Especially old wooden frames, boards and Euro-pallets are doing just great. To help you can get also wire mesh, particularly Succulents are love.

A quick visual guide

Design DIY vertical garden walls succulent rabbit wire

In a wooden plank you can cut out a shape of your choice, such as a big heart like the one below. Then put Earth or stones and MOSS into it. You can arrange the plants at your whim.

Play with colors and varieties and experiment with different combinations

design DIY vertical garden walls heart shape

Very original and cool is an old window frame with wear traces. Something going well these readers that are vintage or Shabby chic. If you want to achieve a more look but, paint the frame in a colour of your choice might be better.

So a vertical mini-garden will always undisputed catcher

walls Design DIY vertical garden wire mesh Succulents

If you are not sure what type of potting soil you should use this, then consult the next flower shop

walls design vertical garden succulent gravel stones sand

The design is of course entirely up to you

walls Veritkaler garden wall decoration designing Succulents

You can keep it quite small and modest

Design DIY vertical mini garden walls Succulents of small wood frame

Of course, you can make your walls well with other plants successfully.

Some of them are particularly recommended for terraces and balconies

design fresh green walls plants symmetrically

Fresh herbs belong to the kitchen wall

fresh herbs chalkboard walls figures

Refined, living wall decoration for real purists

design walls wooden board Blau wall decoration

Depending on the demand, the vertical gardens can be designed also rectangular

walls design wooden frame rectangular Succulents

Or in any form such as a large letter

wall decoration designing walls Succulents mixed letter

Air plants are also not less attractive look

walls vertical wall decoration Airplant figures

Create your own living wall art and enjoy it

design wall art walls Succulents

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