What Are The Latest Trends For 2016 Wall Color Rosa?

Wall color pink is fully in line with the trend

Pink is the new black! Can’t you hear that determined for the first time this year, or? At the latest since was clearly what are the PANTONE trend colours for 2016, is Rose Quartz front together with serenity – the delicate pale blue. The two classic shades, which were previously rather prefered in the nursery, are just so right on the rise. Wall color pink is quite often used for example in this year and combined with furniture and home accessories in serenity. The color duo always ensures optical rest and relaxation. You can feel the lightness, which relieved the sense intuitively. That the main arguments of the specialists from the PANTONE color were also definitely Institute. To create with colors a peaceful oasis in the stressful everyday of life.

The bright hues have other properties that are quite valuable in the Interior. They give optical distance and seem somehow cooling. In addition, can be this trend colours perfectly white and black combined with and love natural wood tones as well as copper and gold. So a gentle backdrop in pastel, you can experiment at your whim. Cover, carpet runners, porcelain and floor lamps – it’s all allowed. Don’t overdo it but still. Can be sometimes quite quickly to the kitsch chic. Keep it more discreet and simple.

Wall color pink is fully in line with the trend

wall color pink home office study desk Scandinavian design chair

The new trendy colours match almost any style of living. While the Scandinavian design precedence but noticeably. The Nordic clearness and the soothing simplicity, which are typical of this style, correspond perfectly with the delicate pink and the gentle light blue. To fit natural materials and home furnishings in neutral colors with rough texture.

Felt blankets, knitted poufs and deep pile carpets and Sheepskins are doing great.

Rose Quartz and serenity are characterized also with a strange “modesty”. They act on the one hand smooth and relaxing, and on the other hand they tend to stand in the background. You do not disturb and want to be – not necessarily noticed perfect harmony and balance.

What do you think? The wall color pink would be something for you? Or do you rather prefer serenity? And why not the combination of the two?

Shiny pendant lights in copper

wall color pink dining room copper color pendant light dining table wood chairs

Refresh your home office with Rose Quartz

wall color pink room wood desk Scandinavian living

A few pink accents also is enough sometimes

wall color pink dekoartikel accents dekokissen vase grey sofa wood metal coffee table

And even the rug can bring some color into the room

wall color pink dusty rose rug grey sofa wall decoration

Dark grey and pink – the perfect color duo

wall color pink study desk grey Chair open shelves

Simple cabinets in serenity

wall color pink blue furniture cabinets dining table wood leather chairs

wall color pink attic blue sofa Wall shelves Cabinets blue glass coffee table

Loft can apartments also benefit from the new colour trend

wall color pink loft apartment upholstery sofa pouf coffee table carpet runners modern standing lamp

Introduce some color in the bedroom with the matching bedding

wall color Pink Pigeon blue linen side table nightstand bedroom set

wall color pink white double bed bedding bedroom walls

The floor color pink stands out clearly from the dark wall

wall color pink taupe stand light knitted poufs velour sofas

Porcelain and curtains in accordance

wall color pink curtains natural wood occasional tables coffee table sofa parquet

Nordic clarity in soft tones

wall color pink white living room set lederpouf sofa cushion rug grey

Refresh the atmosphere and bring cheerful mood even the smallest details in pink

paint pink living accessories euro pallet coffee table of diy idea

paint pink living room set up open shelves chair

wall color pink brick wall chandelier White leather sofa dekokissen shaggy rug

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