You Can Bold Murals – How The Interior Design By A Contrast Wall Spice It Up!

Editor   November 25, 2013   Comments Off on You Can Bold Murals – How The Interior Design By A Contrast Wall Spice It Up!

bold murals contrast wall bedroom feminineBold wall decoration

You wonder how the bold murals would adapt to your interior design and what it is exactly? It’s just a wall, which is painted with a contrasting colour. Their purpose is to look striking and attractive. Most of the time this wall color in a bolder shade of the main color of the other walls should be, but that is not a rule. You can have a contrasting colour in the bedroom, living room and dining room.


mural contrast wall bedroom accent wall yellow purple

If you decide for a contrast wall in the bedroom, you should carefully select, leave the wall exactly from the four walls bolder than the others work. Choose a wall where there is a window. The strong shade combined leaves with light appear the room really dark. Most people paint the wall located behind the bed in the bedroom. Here we have some nice examples of contrast walls in the bedroom.

Verdurous wall behind the bed

bold contrast wall murals bedroom green bedding

Fresh and classic at the same time

mural contrast wall bedroom green fresh

Minimalist bedroom

strong shades wall decoration bedroom dark green white linen

Vibrant green wall color

mural contrast wall bedroom light green bed framenursery – nursery bold contrast wall murals bedroom children's room pink girl

We all know children love bold colors, so why we should not use these in their own bedrooms? To paint all the walls with bold nuances can be overwhelming, so only one color! Immediately you get a refined and unusual design, adding a bit of color. It is a fun and easy activity that you can do with your child.

A little green in the hallway

mural contrast wall chest of drawers white drawers

Living – and dining room

bold murals contrast wall leather sofa black carpet

Contrast walls in the living room are a great choice, if you want to show some pride. For example, you can show the fireplace, bookshelves, works of art. Use the contrast wall to create a focal point, if you don’t have one. Don’t forget you can choose also the ceiling as a contrast wall.

Extravagant and attractive – black contrast wall

contrast wall mural dining room black white wall

The ceiling as a contrast wall

bold contrast wall mural kitchen ceiling pendant

Traditional living room

bold contrast wall mural next table TV

The Orange is really refreshing

bold murals contrast wall Orange living room

Aside from that, don’t forget what color you choose, to combine them with the whole interior design. In contrast, you get an ugly, tiresome ambience.

Modern and urban in the living room

bold murals contrast wall red living room chair coffee table

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