15 Original DIY Residential Ideas For Your Wall Decoration

DIY residential ideas for the wall design in rented apartments

Living in a rented apartment is by no means easy. This is a transitional situation which makes life difficult for us in several respects. One of the complicated themes is the decoration. Not only do we invest money in it, which we do not get back. We also have to select such a decoration which can be easily removed later.

You know what? This is not all that bad! You simply have to look at these circumstances as the next challenge for your creativity. That’s all. There are a number of modern DIY dwellings that would be exactly fitting in such a situation.

Fresh colors in the form of squares or other geometric figures

In some rented apartments, we have to settle for really decaying walls. This is not easy. Stroking and sticking of walltaptes does not go, no matter what color you choose. Because of the bad condition all the two solutions fail, one does not have to be satisfied.

You can apply several different colors. It is best to do this in the form of squares or other geometric figures. With such a colorful solution, the inequalities on the wall disappear from the view. They are no longer so strong.

Build DIY shelves with beautiful pictures

Sometimes the wall looks great, but there is here and there a place that spoils the general good impression. Even in such a situation one must not despair. Build beautiful wall shelves at these areas. Distribute photographs and other pictures that you like.

Add other items of your choice

Diy residential wall decorating decoration making

Give the impression of depth

There are also DIY residential ideals that give the illusion of depth. These can be realized with fabrics, colors or wood panels. Use the rules which painters use to create perspective.

Techniques for relief wall design

To hide inequalities on the wall, you can also use the modern relic colors. They look really original and funny, and are not more elaborate than the usual.

Colorful hexagons in bright colors give the room a cheerful atmosphere

Diy residential wall decoration flow optics hexagon plates

With the aid of cardboard stencils you can paint elegant, geometric patterns

Diy residential wall decoration ethno pattern chalk color wall design

Chic patterns can also be made of wood

Create a collage of your favorite images

Diy residential wall decoration wall design photos

Or create a rich pattern mix

Diy residential wall decoration wall design modern pattern gift paper

Write positive thoughts in a beautiful font on the wall

Diy residential wall decoration wall design font

Thin colored stripes bring order and dynamism into the room

Diy residential wall decoration colorful strip wall design color

Relief rosettes look very solid in white

Diy residential wall decoration wall decoration white relief rosetten

Filigree patterns for your creative wall design

Diy residential wall decoration self making paper template

Relief colors can be found in many beautiful variations

Diy residential wall decoration wall paint relieve red floral pattern

You will find more clever DIY residential ideas for your wall decoration Homesthetics.net

Diy residential wall decoration original decorate photos heart hexagons

Combine different porcelain plates and arrange them according to your mood

Diy residential wall decoration porcelain wall

Magic vases from original glass vases

Diy residential wall decorating vases