The Color Purple In The Modern Interior – 59 Examples Of Successful Interiors

The purple color is a hot trend again this year. Not only in fashion, but also in interior design. Accessories and furniture in purple are real eye-catchers in the modern interior, but an attractive wall design remains the real classic, if you want to make a splash in the interior design. Walls and elements in purple give great design options for your modern home!

Between red and blue is a color spectrum, which is particularly broad and interesting: this the color purple. And every shade of purple makes for a different feeling. This is how different room concepts can be achieved by consciously staging this trendy color. Because the overall look is changing. Let’s see, what makes the color purple in the modern interior possible!

The color purple is preferred in many living rooms as wall paint

The color purple purple walls living room elegant carpet flowers

Walls in purple have a strong meaning

Colors have an influence on us and on the spatial appearance itself. And some colors simply unavoidably unite us with their uniqueness… just as Lila does. That’s why you can paint the walls in each room in purple: walls in purple let the creativity in the wall just free space!

However, walls have a tremendous significance!

With its many nuances, Lila can be both fresh and dramatic in modern interior design to care. Depending on the room you should choose a suitable shade that creates the mood. So delicate lilacs or saturated violet nuances? It depends only on your preferences! If you want to set up a cozy bedroom, then you prefer to rely on brighter lilacs. The same applies in the baby room: soft lilac nuances and tinted pastel tones give the room more warmth and comfort.

It allows Lila to try out several color combinations in the room. By means of certain shades, lilac is beautifully emphasized. White and creamy white are perfect for the purpose.

Wall paint lilac brings a fresh touch to the bathroom

The color purple bathroom accent wall freestanding bathtub floorboard

Lilanuancen combine for a really cozy bedroom

The color purple light purple walls bedroom

Purple accent wall and white mantel make a beautiful color duo

The color purple accent wall fireplace white carpet

Only accents in purple

Of course you can use the purple color only as accents in the interior. A monotonous interior design can be spiced up by just a few accessories. But a piece of furniture in Lila can turn into the right eye-catcher in the room and bring dynamics into the interior. This color can also be found in patterns on curtains, throw pillows, rugs or wallpaper. For example, the use of textiles in lilac creates a lively living or kitchen design.

So you can paint a whole room in purple or quite sparingly create a specific sense of space.

Upgrade the bright bedroom design with purple elements

The color purple purple accents white bedroom

Take care of the right purple nuances if you want to create a comfortable living room

The color purple living room purple furnishing light flooring

Simply fascinating combination of colors and patterns

fashion the color purple beautiful pattern living area

You want to renew your interior design or spice something up? Why do not you just paint the walls again? And in purple! But note it: Lila can be restless, but also harmonious. What kind of living ambition do you strive for?

A successful combination of purple nuances for a fancy interior design

The color purple fancy wall paint side table beautiful wall clock

The living room walls in lavender accentuated by colored flowers

The color purple living room lavender wall paint bright decor

Create spectacular color contrasts

The color purple accent wall black sofa living room
The color purple modern bedroom soft shades
The color purple accent wall purple baby room carpet floor
The color purple accent wall modern living area white carpet

The color purple purple walls textiles beautiful flooring sloping roof
The color purple accent wall gray carpet white living room furniture
The color Purple workplace wall design working chair
The color purple baby room wall design ideas wall murals pattern

The color purple bathroom walls orange towels
The color purple discreet accents cozy sofa bed white stool
The color purple dark purple walls plank floor wood
The color purple dining room fancy wall wallpaper lavender

The color purple dining room furnish chic furniture
The color Purple corridor design ideas of rattan furniture plants
The color purple yellow purple combine

Accent wall in violet gives the living room a completely new look

The color purple large living room beautiful chandelier purple wall
The color purple green accent wall white open wall shelves
The color purple in the modern interior - 59 examples of successful interiors
The color purple light nuances living room

Lilac textiles refresh every sleeping area

The color purple light purple bedspread colored pattern white furniture
The color purple light purple airy curtains orchid
The color purple bedroom black purple combine
The color Purple youth room rocking chair bright curtains
The color purple nursery baby room white furniture purple carpet

Fairytale nursery in light purple

The color purple nursery round rug round bed
The color purple children's room wall design ideas hanging lamps
The color purple nursery wall design ideas
The color purple crass accents bedroom striped curtains

Kitchen wallpaper in lavender

The color Purple kitchen white kitchen island purple Roman blind
The color purple lavender nuances colored carpet
The color purple lavender wall paint bedroom
The color purple purple curtains gray carpet

Even with a purple carpet, you can put beautiful visual effects in the room

The color purple purple carpet white living room fireplace
The color purple lilac towels bathroom light flooring
The color purple modern sleeping desk
The color Purple bedroom is sloping colored bed linen

Helllila is great for a cozy nursery

The color Purple bedroom furnish bright furniture purple accessories
The color purple bedroom green carpet fresh bed linen
The color purple bedroom light carpet silver color bed design
The color purple bedroom walls are elegant furnishings

Select Saturated shades for more drama

The color purple chic bedroom green accents
The color purple beautiful wallpaper hanging lamps black side table
The color purple beautiful wallpaper living room colored painting
The color purple stylish wall wallpaper comfortable armchair

Purple or violet? What fits best where?

The color purple trendy wall color modern flat
The color purple wall design modern living area beautiful textiles
The color purple living room lavender color elements white living room sofa
The color purple living room purple accents white walls

Soft light purple ensures a good sleeping comfort in the bedroom

The color purple wall color bedroom purple bedding