Wall Paint Apricot – The Fresh Trend In Wall Design In 40 Examples

Wall paints are this aspect of interior design that most influences our well-being. Colored wall design can be used to fix certain interior design flaws and create whimsical effects in the room, but you have to be aware of it: colors define the atmosphere!

There are hues whose application in a room should be carefully considered: some seem boring, others dominate too much in the room. But there are also colors that fit perfectly in any room. Exactly one such is what we are talking about today: the wall color Apricot.

The wall color Apricot makes the nursery look cute

wall colors ideas color combinations white apricot color

The apricot color

Apricot is a color mix, it comes from the orange and orange is the result of the addition of the primary primary color yellow and the primary color red. It is therefore considered tertiary color. An orange shade with a high proportion of white is often referred to as apricot, at least in fashion and interior design. This specific color is neither pink nor orange.

But she is similar to these and other popular colors. So you can find certain similarities between the apricot color and coral, salmon or rusty colors. Something unique but definitely carries them!

Bedroom walls in apricot wall paint make sleep restful

wall color apricot bedroom set up bright linen

Paint the hall in a fresh color

Wall paint apricot staircase corridor set up ideas

The apricot wall paint gives a wide space to experiment

While you are orange combines with cheerful mood and cheerfulness, red provides for a certain dynamism and often even drama in the room. So apricot stands in between and can exert different effects in space in its numerous color shades. That’s why you should find the right tone in the apricot color. But that turns out to be a bit difficult because you have to choose different shades of color. It depends on which room it is, what your intentions are and, of course, on the spatial conditions. Which shade is the most suitable? That’s the most important question to answer. Because interior design and light play a major role in the perception of colors.

Bring a romantic flair into the room with a bright apricot shade

apricot wall color unusual relaxation area romantic female

So homely and romantic or playful and contrasting must be the interior design? The apricot color can take care of that! Design one accent wall in a saturated color or combine the apricot wall color with colored pieces of furniture. They certainly enhance the space! If, on the other hand, you want a harmonious interior design, then opt for brighter apricot shades. So you give the corresponding room a great deal of cosiness.

The apricot color is emphasized excellently by matching fabric patterns

apricot wall paint colored fabric pattern fresh wall decor patchwork bedspread

Combine apricot wall color with coral color

wall paint apricot combination kora color

The wall color Apricot is a fresh trend in wall design throughout the home. Are you longing for a cozy bedroom or a homely kitchen? Would you like to turn the bathroom into a wellness treat or bring some liveliness to the nursery? Then the apricot color is excellent in all these cases! Why do not you try to freshen up the hallway using this trendy color? You have limitless possibilities to experiment!

Bring a can of freshness to the kitchen through a trendy wall paint

wall paint apricot wall design kitchen fresh ideas

Consider colorful walls in the baby room

wall paint apricot nursery white wrapper

The feeling of home is strongly influenced by the color scheme. And with the apricot color can create a variety of interiors with very different charisma. If you want to be creative in wall design, then grab this fancy wall paint!

Generate Ombre effect

wall paint apricot ombre wall decoration ideas - Копие

Cozy bedroom with wall color apricot

wall color apricot white bedding bedroom sloping roof
apricot wall paint bright shade colored bedspread
wall paint apricot green coffee table chic living room furniture
wall paint apricot bathroom white elements
wall paint apricot corridor frame floral carpet runner

To create a romantic atmosphere in the sleeping area

wall paint apricot cozy bedroom sky bed red armchair
wall paint apricot minimalist home decor design living area
wall paint apricot living room bright sofa colored painting
wall paint apricot living room beautiful pastel colors combine bright floor
wall colors ideas apricot color corridor shape ideas

In the sleeping area, the Apricot wall paint provides more cosiness

wall colors ideas apricot color bedroom fancy hanging lamp
wall colors ideas apricot color living area colored accents
wall colors ideas bedroom wall design ideas apricot color
wall colors ideas living room apricot color color combinations
interior design children's room vintage carpet white furniture - Копие

The bathroom also benefits from the apricot color…

wall paint apricot bathroom white bathtub basket sisal carpet - Копие
wall paint apricot fresh color combinations stylish fur rug - Копие
wall paint apricot fresh ideas workplace plant - Копие
wall paint apricot cozy living room apricot color green wall tiles combination - Копие
wall paint apricot bathroom shape light floor beautiful candlestick
wall paint apricot modern wall colors fresh flair

Design the modern living area in apricot color

wall paint apricot modern living area scandinavian flair
wall paint apricot office wall design ideas benevolent
wall paint apricot bedroom furnishings cozy fresh bright
wall paint apricot bedroom luxurious wall design - Копие
wall color apricot living area colored design white furniture decent decoration
wall paint apricot living area fresh fashion white furniture cactus

A subtle apricot nuance makes the living area homely

wall color apricot living room cozy design beautiful coffered ceiling
wall paint ideas apricot color dining room dark flooring
wall paint apricot dining room walls paint round dining table
apricot wall paint colored living room table matching curtains