Wall Paint Petrol – 56 Ideas For More Color In The Interior

It does not matter how you paint your walls. By choosing wall colors, you decide on one or the other room atmosphere. Because let’s be honest: colors make an interior appear elegant or playful! And while bright shades lend a room a feminine and romantic flair, darker hues tend to create a more masculine and dramatic vibrancy. However, one of the most striking features of all wall colors was the wall paint Petrol. In the following picture gallery we show you how to successfully integrate the Petrol color into the interior design.

Wall paint Petrol looks good in the small living room

wall paint petrol living room color scheme colored pieces of furniture

What is the petrol color?

At first glance, this color can not be determined exactly, but it can be recognized immediately. It lies somewhere between green and blue and is a dark color mixture of these two nuances. So Petrol properties of both shades are attributed. The term petrol is used mainly in fashion.

In the interior design one often uses the term Teal and in the technical and artistic field Petrol is known as Cyan. One distinguishes between petrol blue and petrol green.

The Petrol wall paint is more effective if you choose curtains in a fresh color for the windows

wall paint petrol yellow curtains elegant carpet beautiful deco items

Petrol wall paint and accents in green are an apt color combination in the modern living area

wall paint petrol relaxation area fresh color shades

How do you stage the petrol color in the interior?

Petrol is a hue that dominates in space. But a harmonious atmosphere can also be achieved with the help of Petrol. Furniture in petrol color are beautiful accents in the room, but for a spectacular interior design, you prefer to use Petrol wall paint. She is a great solution for the wall if you want a relaxing ambience. She is very calming and everyone can stay alone with his thoughts. This makes the color popular in every room of the modern apartment. Spaces in this color can be both friendly and very chic…

Bring some liveliness into the white interior through an accent wall in Petrol

wall paint petrol accent wall dining room beige carpet wooden table

But if you design the whole room in Petrol, then there is the danger that creates a stifling atmosphere. That’s why it’s important what color shade you choose! And if you prefer not to take a risk, pull only one or two accent walls into consideration. In the living room, this could be the wall in front of which the sofa is in front of, and in the bedroom, the wall where the head of the bed is. This is an excellent way to create visual effects in the room. Then you should pay attention to the right pieces of furniture. Because a living room sofa and armchair can either contrast with the petrol wall or harmonize completely with it.

Plants and flowers refresh the walls

wall paint petrol modern dining area floor

Petrol is successfully combined with natural colors. With beige and sand Petrol forms a beautiful color duo. Also with other green and blue shades can make beautiful color combinations. Brown and cream as well as taupe and white are also suitable.

Darker shades of petrol make for a dramatic look

wall paint petrol beautiful chest of drawers wood look

With wall paint petrol you can also create a cozy room

wall paint petrol stylish living area beautiful carpet white furniture

Create a space to feel good thanks to the Petrol wall paint! Depending on the room climate you achieve, different nuances of color from Petrol are available to create a fancy interior design. Bring atmosphere into the nursery or drama in the living room!

Make the staircase in the hall quite stylish

wall paint petrol modern staircase bookshelves

A fresh room that invites you to linger

wall paint petrol living area white flooring

Combine dark wall paint with dark wood

wall paint petrol retro furniture soft carpet
wall paint petrol bedroom dressing table retro dresser
wall paint petrol plank floor colored carpet
wall paint petrol bedroom cold colors
wall paint petrol dining area stroke elegant flooring

The petrol walls are accentuated by this bright coat of rug

wall paint petrol retro dresser fur rug dog
wall paint petrol bedroom male look
wall paint petrol living room white picture walls wooden floor
Robert Weber artwork above Moissonnier reproduction chest
wall paint petrol living room open shelves throw pillow

Set up a colorful bedroom

wall paint petrol bedroom yellow bedspread green armchair
wall paint petrol cozy living room beige
wall paint petrol wood furniture light green carpet floor
Wall paint petrol combination with stark colors
wall paint petrol bedroom accent wall light carpet

In front of this beautiful wall paint, the orange carpet is wonderful

wall paint petrol modern reading corner fireplace orange carpet
wall paint petrol furniture petrol color wood floor
wall paint petrol modern bedding white stripes
wall paint petrol modern living area yellow transparent armchair fireplace
wall paint petrol orange armchair zig zag carpet pattern

The petrol wall paint in the bedroom contrasts great with the white linens

wall paint petrol bedroom colored fabric pattern soft carpet
wall paint petrol beautiful living area plant modern armchair
wall paint petrol white living room sofa soft carpet
wall paint petrol living room fancy carpet retro armchair
wall paint petrol living room curtains orange tones wall mirror

Accent wall in petrol is an apt solution for the modern living area

wall paint petrol living room green armchair light carpet
wall paint petrol living room minimalist fireplace armchair sitting area
wall paint petrol white bedspread roof pitch
wall paint petrol wall lights round mirror
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Small bedroom with a natural flair

wall paint petrol bedroom paint a great blanket
wall paint petrol bedroom suspended ceiling
Wall color petrol bedroom accent wall
wall paint petrol nursery wall shelves
Wall paint Petrol youth room set up wall design

For the design of this youth room the Teal color fits wonderfully

wall paint petrol youth room set up fresh alive
wall paint petrol green flooring armchair
wall paint petrol pitch deco ideas
black and white and teal bedding Compact Slate picture frames
Wall paint teal accents set white bedroom

Very simple bedroom design in petrol and white

wall paint petrol light bedding white bedside table
wall paint petrol coat hooks rustic deco ideas
wall paint petrol retro furniture colored accents
wall paint petrol white bedding bedroom cool nightstand
wall paint petrol bedroom wall design white linen

The study is a room where petrol color fits wonderfully

wall paint petrol study light flooring
wall paint petrol open kitchen white kitchen island

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