Contemporary Wall Cladding In Wood: The Small Guidebook

The times when wooden wall cladding only came into contact with the rustic style of furnishing have long since passed. Nowadays you can find a huge selection of wooden panels for the walls as well as for the ceilings, not only for the living and dining room, but also for all damp areas in the own four walls. In this way, you can always adapt your home to your own taste and style, while benefiting from the unique characteristics of the wood. For wood is one of the most valuable natural materials for living and furnishing, and it gives us more and more comfort as well as 100% comfortable living.

What should you consider when choosing your wooden panels?

Except for your own taste, you should look for some important criteria when buying the right wooden panels for your wall cladding. What visual impact would you like to achieve? In which room should the panels be laid? What kind of furniture do you have or intend to buy?

The so-called wall panels made of wood can in some cases also be made of solid wood or even old wood. Above all, wood species such as beech, oak, pine, spruce and acacia are preferred. The wood material number 1 for wall cladding remains clearly the carrier material MDF (Micro Density Fiber). In most cases, the high-quality MDF core is then coated with a decorative film in wood optics of your choice.

Wood panel mdf modern wall cladding

Visually, you should be aware of the colors, shapes and textures that best suit your needs. It should always be borne in mind that light wood makes the room look bigger and darker it slightly. The grain plays an essential role in wood panels and also generally in floor, ceiling and wall claddings. So if your furniture is basically made of wood or in wood optics, then you should fine-tune the colors and the grain itself. To different and concise decors and color shades in one place can lead very quickly to optical unrest and disturb the cosiness in the room.

Wall cladding of wood living room ideas

Extra tip: Avoid the visual sauna effect! Never cover your walls and ceiling with wooden panels at the same time, otherwise the room looks too stiff and stuffy.

Why choose wooden wall panels?

Wall panels are basically:

  • Heat and soundproof
  • Durable and durable
  • Antistatic and easy to maintain
  • color harmony
  • suitable for damp areas
  • Easy to assemble

With the appropriate additional elements, For example, panel cladding, the wall cladding is rounded off and customized as desired. For a successful installation of the wooden panels, the correct accessories are also required – substructure plates, assembly pliers, etc.

For some time now, the slotted spring has been established as a child-friendly plug-in unit, which is often used with the patented Fit-fix Schnellmontagesystem® Is combined. This means that nothing stands in the way of a modern living concept with wall cladding made of wood or in wood optics.

Dark wall panels wood mdf

Last but not least, the laying of the wooden panels is done with the wall covering. Each installation variant gives the room different flair. For example, when the panels are laid horizontally, the room immediately becomes much wider. Vertically aligned, the joints of the wall panels provide for more optical airiness and height. Diagonal placement, on the other hand, brings more dynamism and variety into the room. So, think carefully about your priorities and the potential of your living space.

You can, of course, on site as well Online the matching wall panels ,

Experienced suppliers in this area often have a versatile assortment that will definitely meet your needs. Numerous decors, colors and textures are waiting to be discovered and selected.

Engel, for example, as well as adequate advice and high-quality quality with an optimal price-performance ratio. Protect nature and your health and create a comfortable room climate for you and your family!

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