Metrofliesen In The Kitchen And Bathroom – Beautiful Ideas For Wall And Floor Design

In the modern interior, the beautiful wall design takes a special place. Beautiful walls make the room comfortable and invite you to linger long. But in kitchens and bathrooms, there are some specifics to consider when designing a wall. You have to pay attention to the materials here! Since ever, tiles in these premises are considered quite well suited. We want to draw our attention to this kind of wall design today! But we are dealing with a modern design of tiles, namely the metro tiles…

White metro tiles on the wall contrast beautifully with the black flooring in the bathroom!

metrofliesen bathroom white wall tiles beautiful floor tiles black freestanding bathtub

Tiles in the Metro style bring uniqueness to the interior design

The Metro style tiles are very popular today. Its universal design makes it a fitting wallcovering alternative in many kitchens and bathrooms. But in a very unique way they affect the interior design! Do you like the industrial style a lot?

Then bring an industrial touch to your kitchen! Or maybe you feel better in a country-style room? In both cases metro tiles are a good solution to emphasize and complement the desired style of living.

The Metro tiles have a rectangular shape and mostly have a bevelled edge. Their geometric uniformity makes them attractive and gives them an authentic look. White tiles with dark joints are the classic version of the Metro tiles, but also colored ones wall tiles are particularly trendy and look spectacular. Choose tiles in a matching color and integrate them as an accent wall or use them for the entire wall cladding. Metro wall tiles leave no room for monotony!

Give your kitchen an industrial look through beautiful metro tiles!

metrofliesen gray tiles kitchen wood floor white kitchen cabinets

Black accent wall in the kitchen

metrofliesen black wall tiles kitchen set up ideas

Stage metrofiles properly

The tiles in the Metro style are easily integrated into every kitchen and bathroom! Depending on the design concept, you can let the tiles dominate the interior or simply apply them to complete the interior design. Metrofiles can be combined with different colors and materials. Matched to wooden wall shelves and kitchen cabinets, these look gorgeous! It creates a sense of harmony.

The Metro wall tiles are perfect as a contrast to dark walls. Only in the bathroom, thanks to metro tiles, creative ideas for wall design can be created! And in combination with classic pieces of furniture, all their beauty comes into their own!

Use appropriate wall tiles to enhance the ambience

metrofliesen badideen modern bath gray white combine

Metrofliesen also inscribe themselves in minimalist facilities

metrofliesen modern metro tiles light gray minimalistic elements

Modern wall design in the bathroom

metrofliesen black accent wall tiles beautiful floor

Get the subway look home! Leave a sense of cleanliness and simplicity in the bathroom and in the kitchen or create fancy walls to admire!

Wall tiles in fresh green

metrofliesen green wall tiles kitchen set up ideas

Vividly arranged wall tiles in the kitchen provide dynamism

metrofliesen ideas chic kitchen back wall light brown

Large bathroom tiles in the Metro style

metrofliesen bathroom white wall tiles small bathroom ideas

The bathroom walls liven up

metrofliesen badideen white wall tiles cozy bathroom

White and black are a beautiful color duo in the bathroom

metrofliesen color contrast darker flooring wooden bench

The Metro wall tiles can also be positioned vertically

metrofliesen yellow wall tiles kitchen wood floor white kitchen cabinets

Simple color scheme in the modern kitchen

metrofliesen gray wall tiles kitchen colored carpet

Kitchen back wall with a shiny look

metrofliesen green tiles kitchen gray kitchen cabinets
metrofliesen green kitchen tiles chic kitchen cabinets

metrofliese kitchen gray wall tiles
metrofliesen kitchen kitchen back wall work surface wood look
Design metrofliesen kitchen kitchen back wall

Scandinavian cuisine with back wall made of metro tiles

metrofliesen kitchen open wall shelves wood
metro tiles kitchen black work surface white kitchen cabinets
metrofliesen küchenrückwand kitchen set up ideas
metrofliese country style white kitchen tiles gray kitchen tiles
metrofliesen modern kitchen wall tiles strip carpet

Unusual bathroom tiles bring mood to the room

metrofliesen fancy bathroom tiles green wall design
metrofliesen modern bathroom tiles geometric flooring
metrofliesen modern wall tiles white living ideas kitchen
metrofliesen white kitchen back wall plenty of storage space
metrofliesen modern wall design kitchen set up ideas

Wall tiles with beautiful lighting effects

metrofliesen chic bathroom tiles modern bathroom ideas
metrofliesen chic wall tiles kitchen neutral color
metrofliesen chic wall design bathroom ideas
Metrofliesen wall modern bathroom black floor tiles
metric tile white wooden kitchen furniture light gray kitchen cabinets

Classic bathroom look

metrofliesen bathroom darker floor shower cabin
metrofliesen white badflehen beautiful flooring
metrofliesen white bathroom tiles gray floor tiles
metrofliesen white kitchen flooring wood look
Set up metrofliesen white wall tiles bathroom

Combine different shapes in the bathroom

metrofliesen white wall tiles dark floor bathroom ideas small bathroom
metrofliesen white wall tiles kitchen design ideas
metrofliesen white wall tiles kitchen kitchen island white surface
metrofliesen white wall tiles kitchen open kitchen shelves
metrofliesen bathroom tiles ideas functional bathroom storage ideas

Small kitchen in industrial style

metrofliesen white wall tiles white kitchen cabinets
metrofliesen dramatic look modern kitchen
metroflies colored wall tiles kitchen

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