Retro Tiles Reinterpreted – Ideas For Versatile Interior Design With Retro Flair

Walls and floors are central elements in every room design. For this reason, they always leave the first impression. And as we all know, it is most important! So you should think seriously about the possibilities of wall and floor design! And those who chose tiles would perhaps draw some inspiration from our picture gallery! Because here we have collected different interiors that have one thing in common: the retro look thanks to the retro tiles….

Retro tiles with a colorful pattern pep up the white kitchen

retro tile living idea kitchen beautiful pattern

The retro tiles at a glance

The retro style is actually popular these days! But to bring just a retro touch in the room, you do not have to consider the decor from A to Z in retro style. Even retro tiles are good enough to bring such a flair in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or living room. Because retro tiles radiate their own charm.

They are just as durable!

It’s good when wall and floor tiles in a room are a perfect match. The big advantage of retro tiles is that they can be combined with different materials. Retro wall tiles would also look beautiful next to a concrete floor! You could also create a decorative tile rug to enhance the retro look.

Mix of retro tile patterns brings momentum to the room!

retro tile mix of retro patterns kitchen back wall

Today’s retro tiles are ceramic tiles. Small or massive, these are great alternatives for one modern and spectacular interior design Great patterns are a typical stylistic device for the retro tiles. But you should be careful that they do not dominate too much in the room. But even monochromatic and subtle, these can act in the room. It depends on your intentions!

Kitchen back wall tiles, floor tiles or bathroom tiles…

Stylish or floral ornaments, colorful colors or patchwork look… The modern retro tiles can look different. They offer a rich assortment of motifs and, depending on the room, bring the corresponding feeling of space to the house. So you have different options for the kitchen, the bathroom or living room, for the hallway. By using retro wall or floor tiles, they definitely bring nostalgia from bygone times into the ambience… But they also fit in a country kitchen with solid wood furniture, as well as in a somewhat minimalist living area.

Match wall and floor

retro tiles cozy kitchen design ideas colored accents

The retro tiles can be integrated into the respective interior design in different ways. Above all, the kitchen back wall made of retro tiles is a great addition to the kitchen. The retro mosaic, for example, registers particularly well here. The wooden furniture in the kitchen and in the bathroom best emphasize the beauty of these tiles!

Even the bathroom is undergoing a great renovation by adding vintage-style tiles! The bathroom tiles are no longer boring! Although designed in retro style, today’s retro bathroom tiles are not old fashioned! Take advantage of it and give your bathroom a completely new look!

Bring atmosphere to the modern bathroom!

retro tiles colored floor tiles white bathtub white wall tiles

Walls and floor in retro look have their own unique look. Create an individual interior by considering retro tiles for the kitchen, hallway, living room or bathroom!

Adapt the tile floor to the wall wallpaper

retro tiles floor tiles bathroom plants white sanitary objects

Fresh blue pattern brings a sense of cleanliness to the bathroom

retro tile bathroom nice pattern blue white

Living room in loft style with retro floor tiles? Why not?!

retro tiles ceramic floor tiles retro style living room

Kitchen back wall in patchwork style

retro tile kitchen with dining area beautiful pattern kitchen back wall

Separate areas through different flooring

retro tiles kitchen floor patchwork

Mosaic carpet in the middle of the bathroom captivates the view

retro tiles modern bathroom ideas retro elements
retro tiles vintage floor tiles bathroom
retro tiles retro bathroom flooring white black
retro tiles retro floor tiles colored textiles dinette

Nice bathroom with vintage flair

retro tile retro floor tiles green accents plant
retro tiles bathroom small bathroom white wall tiles
retro tile kitchen back wall white black colored appliances
retro tile kitchen shape colored kitchen back wall
retro tile vintage tile bathroom fashion plant

Refresh the bright bathroom with plants

retro tile floor bathroom wooden vanity plant
retro tile flooring kitchen white black