Wood Paneling For A Warm Sense Of Space

The functionality and the beautiful design are leading terms in the modern interior. The selection of materials plays a leading role in this case. You should be careful and well informed in this regard! Because every single interior solution gives the room a certain touch and changes the sense of space. Thus, the right materials for wall and floor design largely determine the room atmosphere. The modern one wall design Attracts attractiveness, but in no case renounces functionality! The wooden cladding therefore remains a good option for home and apartment nowadays. The walls, ceiling and floor are given a new look and are also protected. At the same time, one can not deny that the wood paneling is a great room decoration!

Attractive wooden paneling in the bedroom

wooden paneling cozy bedroom rustic wooden elements

Wood paneling for every room and every aspect of the furniture

Panels were popular years ago and are still very popular in wall and ceiling design today. For example, panels in the living room and bedroom are particularly popular because they give the room more individuality. The wooden floor is also credited with several pluses.

The wood paneling is also a great alternative for the house facade, the terrace cladding and for privacy.

This wall cladding made of wood somehow looks minimalist

wood paneling modern wall design living room fireplace

With the wood paneling one has great freedom to determine the spatial appearance. It matters how the individual wood elements are placed. Whether horizontally, diagonally or vertically these are laid, can cause the size of the room. The sense of space changes as a result. In addition, you have to choose among a variety of types of wood in the wall and floor design. Spruce, fir, larch and oak are at your disposal to create a unique interior. The wood can also appear in different looks: sun-burnt and / or even used looks are easy to reach. Only one thing you should pay attention: If you have wooden furniture, you should determine the wood paneling on it!

Wood creates a warm feeling of space at home!

wood paneling fresh wall design ideas open wall shelves

Why is wood a good option at home?

  1. Wooden paneling makes for a big box Warmth and coziness in the interior. The practical advantages are of course not to be underestimated: wood has a warming function. The thickness of the wood paneling determines how much heat is stored by the walls.
  2. It is also possible to stow cables behind the wall cladding made of wood, which definitely leads to an orderly spatial look! In addition, then the wood paneling can be easily removed!
  3. The wood is breathing and so regulates the moisture in the room. You create an interior design to feel good!
  4. Oiled floor made of solid wood is a great solution for allergy sufferers, because it ensures low dust levels. Another advantage of the wooden floor: It stores the heat and therefore makes a great living comfort possible.
  5. Wood paneling is an affordable alternative for the home because wood is durable and durable, even easy to clean. Musty odor and mold are incidentally harmful to the wood paneling.
  6. Walls made of solid wood ensure good noise insulation.
  7. The right care and suitable processing make the insertion of the wood possible even in damp rooms.

Wooden ceiling as an accent in the interior design

wood paneling white kitchen nice flooring

Beautiful wooden floor makes the dining area a cozy place

wooden paneling modern dining room black furniture

Put on great wall design, fancy ceiling and beautiful floor, then benefit from the undoubted benefits of wood paneling! Wood can look so interesting that any interior design can seem unusual and attractive! Create a comfortable and natural indoor climate in your own home!

Wood is well combined with white accents in the decor

wooden panel kitchen white wood combine elegant functional

Fascinating interior solution for the modern kitchen

wood panel accents set kitchen gorgeous ceiling

The wood paneling – modern and functional for almost every room in the apartment

wooden paneling modern cozy kitchen hanging lamps

Unobtrusive wall design for more comfort in the sleeping area

wood panel behagaliches bedroom wall design

Spectacular wall design in the modern living area

wood panel accents set bedroom furnishings
wooden paneling elegant bedroom white carpet stool stylish curtains
wood paneling bright wood look living room design
wooden paneling wooden ceiling kitchen
wooden paneling wooden ceiling

Successful solution for the small sleeping area

wood paneling wood panels bedroom airy curtains
Wooden paneling decorating a small bedroom
wood paneling kitchen modern furnishing wood look white countertop
wooden panel kitchen white interior gray wall paint
wood paneling minimalist bedroom blue bedding

Country-style kitchen with wooden floor

wood paneling open wall shelves wooden table coziness
wooden paneling open plan black sofas
wood paneling dark wood color stylish wall design bedroom
wood paneling bedroom wall design colored cozy
wood paneling bedroom wall design colored accents

Fresh wall design in the bedroom

wood paneling bedroom wall design wood floor fancy nightstand
wood paneling bedroom wall design rustic beautiful hanging lamps
wood paneling beautiful optics flooring concrete look
wood paneling wall design bedroom colored carpet
wood paneling living room living wall accent wall

Elegant solution for the wall design in the open living area

wood paneling beautiful wall design white sofa colored carpet