55 Recycled Wedding Ideas For An Unforgettable Celebration

Original and easy DIY wedding ideas

You want to get married soon. Much is still pending. Wedding dress should be perfect, the gifts are still not made and invitations… In addition of course the wedding decoration. It must vote on each case and correspond exactly to your taste. As have seen but often too lush or boring decoration variants and think nothing of it. For you, it is also important to be able to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. How does that? Best you make it through smart recycling or Upcycling wedding ideas. Especially those of you who like vintage weddings, can take advantage of it clearly. Here may appear old and valuable antiques in its magnificent splendour. Gilded picture frames, retro typewriters, record players and shining candlesticks are just a few of the numerous possibilities.

Stylish DIY wedding ideas

wedding ideas recycling dekoideenhochzeitsdekoration einweckgläser glass bottles tins wooden crates shelves themselves build

There are also many other items that you can include completely uncomplicated as pretty decorative elements in your wedding decoration. Used Einweckgläser are absolute classics.  From these, lanterns, vases and containers for candy can easily customize. You need just a little bit, strips of cloth, jute or yarn and wire.

On some of the photos below you see exactly how you can do it.

Wonderful wedding ideas with Ottensheim

recyclingideen vasern your own wedding ideas DIY lace yarn summer flowers

Tin cans are another very popular Upcycling objects. You can turn them into an instant chic vases or remodeling in planters for Succulents. While the napkin technique is proving highly recommended or you can decorate the cans with paint. Thus, especially gold – and Silver accents or smooth pastel colors in the decoration introduced.

Do not discard your used bike!

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen wedding decoration old bicycle tulle bags cushions Wicker baskets flowers

There is almost nothing, there is no Euro-pallets, wooden boxes, cable reel, broken bicycles, wooden doors, head, old books and case -. Don’t forget the good old paper and already read newspapers! This offer is extensive craft supplies. It make not only beautiful garlands and flower bags themselves, but also special bridal bouquets.

Be unconventional and marry sustainably!

wedding ideas recycling ideas Cardmaking idea paper Roses Bouquet

wedding ideas recycled paper flowers old newspapers of diy ideas Cardmaking ideas crafthubs

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can have your imagination wander freely. Important is, that in the end, the whole concept is true and create a pleasant, balanced atmosphere, isn’t it?

Eco-friendly wedding decoration

wedding ideas recycling ideas beer keg wooden boxes einweckgläser wood bark hochzeitsdeko Cardmaking ideas upcycling

Make a few adorable DIY vases!

wedding ideas recycling ideas table decorations diy Cardmaking ideas vases himself make gold pink spray

wedding ideas recycled sustainable decoration staircase tischdeko einwckgläser lanterns vases

recycling upcycling diy ideas einweckgläser jute old key hochzeitsdeko

wedding ideas recycling upcycling einweckgläser lanterns candle holder themselves DIY wedding decoration

recycling wedding decoration einweckgläser white lace fabric loop

You can use tin cans with beautiful design of course also simply as vases

wedding ideas recycling old blechkdosen vases Peony

Glass bottles are a classic in terms of flower vases and table decoration

recycling white lace sustainable table decoration wine bottle

You can decorate these excellent also with natural materials

recycling dekoideen wedding decoration glass bottle juteSo easy, it can also go

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen tischdeko succulent heart

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen wedding decoration case Dresser upcycling ideas

recycling ideas diy decode Cork Cardmaking ideas

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen tischdeko Cork wooden boxes einweckgläserrecycling decorating wedding decorations themselves make old wooden ladder

wedding ideas recycled wedding decoration old records strung myself tinker

Decorate with old books

recycling table decoration old books porcelain cups

recycling ideas vintage wedding table decoration decorating books einweckgläser

Light bulbs as vases

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen table decoration old light bulb hochzeitsdeko

recycling ideas of fendsterdekorato bulb vases yourself tinker hochzeitsdeko

wedding ideas recycling ideas cable drum beitelltisch make it yourself wedding cakewedding ideas recycling europallets old chest wedding decoration ideas

wedding ideas recycled sustainable dekoideen occasional tables wine bottles

recycling sustainable decoration wood block einweckgläser lanterns keg

wedding ideas recycling ideas wedding decoration old glass bottles europallets espaciosustentable

wedding ideas recycling ideas baskets watering can wheelbarrow wedding decoration themselves make

Note paper and old magazines work wonders

wedding ideas recycling ideas garlands yourself make heart old paper

recycling persistent old newspapers flowers yourself tinker

Wedding ideas recycling lasting bridal bouquet paper glitersteine Pearl etsy

wedding ideas recycled wreath old newspapers paper wreath diy craft idea hochzeitsdeko

wedding ideas recycled paper decorative paper garlands heart fensterdeko

recycling sustainable dekoideen old suitcase

wedding ideas vintage hochzeitsdeko old typewriter rose vases

recycling sustainably vintage hochzeitsdeko bliderrahmen wine crates vases hydrangeas

recycling tables themselves sustainable diy ideas make cable drum wood

wedding ideas recycled Europallet flower arranging cans dekoideen einweckgläser

wedding ideas recycling dekoideen Brown groom of diy wedding decoration

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