Brides As Mermaids – Unconventional Wedding Photos Underwater

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Beautiful, surrealistic wedding pictures under water

Forget about traditional and typical for the wedding photos, you know in General! Here we break all the rules and show exceptional images of girls under water. The without weight underwater environment combined with the bride beauty can transform every bride in a real Mermaid, and Spice up your wedding dress.

Brides as mermaids

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We have always admired the underwater pictures of reefs and shoals. And after we’ve looked at several original underwater photos all over the world, we (the photographer) wanted to photograph our clients under the water. After some test pictures we shot photos of a pregnant woman and several children. We made elaborate images of bridal gowns.

Air kisses for you

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Smooth bouquet in red mermaids brides photos original wedding

Elegance and love

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Thematic underwater environment

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Effectively edited

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Artful wedding dress as a feat

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Beauty and aesthetics on the wedding day

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Exceptional appearance

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Silk dress in contrast to the darkness

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Loving wedding photo

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Long veils

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Black and white

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Stunning photo ideas

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A thematic photo under water

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Artist movements Brides as mermaids splendor design underwater

Proud and happy

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Interwoven with the environment

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Completed with flowers

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Loving relationships

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Sense of freedom

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