Funny Wedding Pictures Ideas – Photo Gallery With 25 Wedding Photos

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Step by step you can prepare on beautiful and fun wedding pictures

One of the most important aspects of the wedding preparation is the selection of a photographer. He has the task to keep all the beautiful moments forever and ever. You definitely want to that you view photo albums with pride your children and grandchildren, isn’t it?

Funny wedding photos

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Newly married

funny wedding pictures gallery fresh married

The successful images may not be prescribed randomly. You need to prepare very carefully on it.

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funny wedding pictures ideas examples picture gallery

Selecting a photographer

The choice of photographer is not an easy task. Start on time with this research. It is important to formulate the right criteria for success. The first is whether the work of an artist you like or not. Furthermore, it is of fundamental importance, whether you can identify with the images.

Some scenes are very funny and original. If they don’t however fit your character, then you look unnatural out. Your zest for life, but also your individual beauty to the fore should come on the wedding pictures.

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Make some test pictures

A few weeks before the wedding would be to recommend a few sample images. You put on suitable clothes, let styling himself a hairstyle and make-up is like for the wedding. Experiment with some funny pictures.

The wedding gown dress

funny wedding pictures wedding dress wear bridesmaid

The bride and groom, friends and family

Make a scenario for the pictures. Or a strategy. Anyway, you should ensure that you have beautiful pictures with the most beloved people.

The funniest pictures succeed when several people are involved. However, they require a longer planning. Find a reason at the bachelor party, for example, to shoot some great photos.

funny wedding pictures image gallery In the Woods

Plan, but leave space for creativity

Sometimes you need more patience for the beautiful pictures. You should have a certain look to the camera. Try out until you have a position where you are sure that you look good.

You should also try to shooting spontaneous pictures. The real beauty of the person is best expressed on such. Don’t worry if something not so good. Ultimately, however has the option to shoot new images.

The competition can begin…

funny wedding pictures gallery bicycle competition

And some concrete ideas

Here are some concrete ideas for funny pictures. You need this of course not 1 to 1 copy. You can use some as inspiration. Always try to create something of their own, original.

funny wedding pictures gallery shoes

funny wedding pictures gallery of family photos

Make a symbolic detail in foreground

Certain techniques can be a symbolic object in the foreground. For example you could keep close a ring or the shoe of the bride on the camera. Behind it then funny scenes with the bride and groom or other persons can be seen.

Images with shadows

How does it look so off – shoot only your shadow! For example, one or more Kiss scenes of this kind can spice up the photo album.

Dad – my great love

The pictures of the bride with her father are always among the most successful. Don’t miss the chance, for the album to shoot those. Some can be emotional. Even more funny pictures with father and daughter would be a good idea.

Kiss by both parents

Brides and grooms who get kisses from her parents as a small child-but a great subject, isn’t it?  Very funny pictures can become depending on the facial expression.

Kids at the wedding

All images, where children are at the wedding in the foreground, are funny. You can schedule some such. But the best some should simply be special moments caught and spontaneously.

funny wedding pictures gallery children


The images have become in recent years popular, which is someone holding a mirror. In this best friends or other people could be seen.

funny wedding pictures gallery of fun with the girls

funny wedding pictures gallery

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