The Vintage Wedding Is Fully In Line With The Trend

vintage wedding antique books typewriter

Are all after a vintage crazy wedding?

The popularity of vintage seems to get in the last few years out of control style. It goes so far that he is also the family celebrations of all kinds. So as the topic is “vintage wedding” has become an addiction. More and more people are choosing. This reminds of a Ponzi scheme.

The early vintages

There are a few decades of the 20th century, who enjoy more popularity than many others. Such are the 20, 50, 70 and 80 years. But that is only one of important hints about which you organize a vintage wedding should be aware.

A chic vintage is an absolute must for the vintage wedding

vintage wedding car retro vintage

Elements of style at a glance

The main trends in the style here are short and concise:

Colors in the brown color palette

Pastel shades

Retro inventory

Obsolete items

Antique furniture

Spitz fabrics and beads

Old records

Antique vases

Typewriters and books

Wood and natural materials

Color gamma and materials

Select the matching outfits

vintage wedding Bride Groom Wedding fashion

We move now to this area, which makes the atmosphere in the atmosphere at a vintage wedding. It’s the selection of colours and materials. These are the muted hues and the pastel nuances. Cream, beige, green, mint, azure and purple are typical. Everything is in peach and Brown would enroll here wonderfully.

The materials through which you can introduce such colors in the atmosphere, would be the dark, varnished wood and floor coverings made of the same material. Artificial and natural leather are widely used. They all bear the signs of older times. Also, generally formulated, all materials and substances, which would be suitable for the generation of our grandmas and parents.

Ceramic, porcelain, candlesticks, mirrors, vinyl records, used looking wood frame, antique items are also eligible.

Wonderful nature website would sign up, which also would work well in Matt colours. Silk, linen, velvet…

Shiny beads are recommended in this case especially

vintage wedding wedding jewelry bead tip

The bride and groom

We come to the most important question: should look like the bride and the groom in a vintage wedding. You have two choices here in our opinion. Either should you follow the latest fashion trends and retro find models. They are currently one of the hottest trends. The best designers and companies in the fashion field are involved to design dresses retro style for brides and grooms. But you can make your look even more authentic and just choose something what you would have in fact attracted in the 30-ies.

Decorate the antique chest of drawers with boxes, photo frames and candles

vintage wedding antique Dresser cake candles

Polygraphy and the decoration

If you want that the guests absolutely feel the retro spirit of your wedding, then you may see no single detail. Let’s start with the invitations. Set with Brown on strength and design to create a vision used from.

If you are motivated enough, you write the invitations by hand. Decorate it with vintage floral. This is more suitable if you celebrate outside in an open atmosphere and the character is not the offiziellste.

Crystal glasses and roses give the feel that certain something

vintage wedding pastel roses Crystal glasses

Even more to the decoration

There are many different moods that you can spread on a vintage wedding by decorating. She can seem garish, splendid, elegant. Original elements can represent any other kinds of objects, the vintage. Send suitcases, furniture or car – everything is apt, as soon as it is perceived in the context of your vintage decoration as positive.

Rediscover the charm of old suitcases!

vintage wedding antique suitcase boxes chests

You can use Einweckgläser in gold spray

vintage wedding Peony books candles

Prepare vintage cupcakes

vintage wedding retro cupcakes

Impressive crystal chandeliers are indispensable for the vintage wedding

vintage wedding retro glasses crystal chandelier

Pay attention to every detail!

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