Wedding Decor With Flowers – Cool Wedding Decoration Outdoor

wedding decor flower hanging curtains

Sophisticated decoration with flowers for an unforgettable wedding celebration

There are two types of wedding – namely those that indoors, and those carried out. How to find the idea for a wedding in the open air? The benefits are much more natural! Fresh air, lush green natural surroundings, beautiful weather, and you can add all of this perfectly with a gorgeous wedding jewellery. Want to get to know the various methods, which you can organize such a party! The Wedding decor with floral decoration and a metal rose arch would complete the exotic atmosphere. According to tradition, combining various garden flowers, to shining and bright look to the wedding celebration. If you want to organise this celebratory event in your garden, you buy a rose arch from the local flower shop.

Wedding decor with floral decoration

wedding decor with floral decoration exotic sea

On the red carpet

wedding decor red carpet flower jewelry elegant

White flowers everywhere guestbooks white flowers flowers green Laub

Celebrate the outdoors

wedding decor basket rural effect flowers green nature

Lilac and purple as main colors guestbooks rose bow flower purple decoration

Red Chair covers

wedding decor flower jewelry red carpet

Airy curtains to the ancient columns around

wedding decor flower jewelry column curtains

Fresh air and spring beauty

wedding decor flower shadow ideas

Much foliage and colorful flowers

wedding decor with floral decoration loop